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Welding Certificate
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Welding Certificate

Welding Certificate


Roane State’s welding certificate gives welders with experience an opportunity to learn advanced skills that could qualify them for high-paying jobs in the region.

The purpose of Roane State’s welding certificate is to teach the “whys” of welding to students who already know the “hows.” The college’s courses allow welders to expand their skill set in welding by learning advanced welding techniques and by taking the first steps to weld-inspection. All courses in the program have extensive hands-on components. The aluminum welding class will be taught in Oak Ridge, while the other three classes will be taught at Roane State’s Higher Education Workforce Training Facility in Clinton.

The certificate is currently requesting approval for federal financial aid eligibility.

Course Descriptions

WELD 1410 Metallurgy and Material Testing

Metallurgy and Materials Testing teaches students to process and examine metallographic specimens and to identify material microscopically; to apply hardness and tensile tests and interpret results; to demonstrate an understanding of metals and their crystalline structure; and to understand the effects of heat, rates of heating and cooling, as well as alloying elements on metals. The course also includes an introduction to the mechanical testing of metals for strength, hardness and mechanical properties.

This class meets at Roane State’s Clinton location.

NDTE 1010 Introduction to Non-Destructive Testing and QA/QC

This course provides students a synopsis of widely used and lesser used non-destructive evaluation methods. Students also will be introduced to relevant quality assurance and quality control requirements in accordance with ASQ, ASME, and ANSI standards.

This class meets at Roane State’s Clinton location.

MECH 2700 Robotic Welding

This course is a basic robotic welding programming class. Students will be introduced to robotic welding systems as well as learn how to perform basic procedures on a robotic welding system. Students will learn how to create welding routines, program their own weld paths, and be able to store and retrieve programs and parameters. Students will learn to program a welding robot through a teach pendant and through simulation software, edit programs, set weld schedules, and become familiar with operator controls and indicators on the teach pendant and operator panel. This course also provides fundamental safety precautions while programming and operating the robotic equipment.

This class meets at Roane State’s Clinton location.

WELD 2010 Aluminum Welding

This course provides students with the ability to prepare and weld special metals. The use of GTAW (TIG), GMAW (MIG) and special processes including preheat, pre-purge and post-purge are featured. Current industrial practices and the use of PPE are emphasized.

This class meets at Roane State’s Oak Ridge campus.

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