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How Buying Stuff Works Now

How Buying Stuff Works Now

Here’s the process in a nutshell. For specific process detail with links to documentation, see AIMT Procurement Process document available from the RSCC Purchasing website.

  1. Requester contacts vendor as usual about product information. Conversation with vendor includes discussion of product accessibility and documentation requirements.
  2. Requester gathers required documents from vendor. (Note: There is a standard letter to help with this step.) Check TBR’s AIMT Compliance Webform to see if documents are already available from another institution. If so, you can likely use those as applicable.
    1. Accessibility Statement (includes narrative response as well as WCAG 2.0 Checklist and VPAT). Interactive media or eText may require ePub 3 guidelines.
    2. Conformance/Remediation form
  3. Requester works with Purchasing Department on licensing requirements.
  4. Requester fills out AIMT Adoption/Procurement Checklist and sends with all vendor-supplied documents to Accessibility Liaison for review.
  5. Accessibility Liaison examines vendor-provided documents to verify vendor’s good faith effort to describe at least minimal product accessibility and/or plans to achieve at least minimal accessibility.
  6. A product review may be needed to determine minimal accessibility. Some level of review is required for all new procurements. If needed, Accessibility Liaison coordinates product review process. Depending on the level and type of review warranted, review may require a team. The requestor will be part of this team.
  7. As part of review of documents and/or product, Accessibility Liaison helps requestor communicate with vendor regarding outstanding issues of concern. Vendor may need to update their Conformance/Remediation form to address expectations. If vendor will not comply, Alternative Access Plan may be required.
  8. Once Conformance/Remediation form is complete, Accessibility Liaison does the following:
    1. Completes Accessibility Review Form
    2. Posts Accessibility Statement, WCAG2.0 checklist, Conformance/Remediation form and any other related documents to TBR AIMT webform
    3. Forwards all completed vendor documents along with signed AIMT Adoption/Procurement Checklist to Requestor.
  9. Requestor submits these documents to purchasing to finalize purchase.
  10. Buyer completes AIMT Procurement Checklist and finalizes purchase.


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