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Dental Hygiene Graduate Survey

Dental Hygiene Graduate Survey





Please respond to the following questions as they relate to your educational experience while you were enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program at Roane State Community College.

Completion of this survey is essential in maintaining accreditation of the Dental Hygiene Program.

Responses are confidential and for the purpose of program evaluation & college placement report. Thank you for your time & prompt responses. Thank you for you feedback!


1. Please select the category that best describes your status after graduation:

Working full time in Dental Hygienist field
Working part-time in the Dental Hygienist field
Have worked in the field since graduation but not currently

2. If not employed in the field, please choose the best response:

I am unable to find employment in the field
I developed new career interests since graduation
I am attending school to further my education in Dental Hygiene or other area
I am not presently employed due to family responsibilities
A medical condition prevents me from working

If you are currently employed in Dental Hygiene, please answer questions 3 – 5; If not, please skip to question 6.

3. What is the title of your current position?
 Name of your employer?

4. What is your area of employment?

General Practice
Pediatric Practice
Periodontal Practice
Other (please describe)

5. On average, how many hours do you practice a week?

6. Please indicate the level of your satisfaction with the following areas while you were enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program. Feel free to make any additional comments regarding your experience at Roane State in space below:

Satisfied Dissatisfied Very
a. Availability of your advisor
b. Willingness of your advisor to help
c. Clarity of degree requirements
d. Clarity of course objectives
e. Opportunities for student evaluation of instruction
f. Availability of faculty to help students outside of class.
g. Quality of instruction in the classroom
h. Quality of instruction in the clinic
i. Opportunities to develop critical thinking skills
j. Opportunities to develop professional competence
k. Indicate your overall satisfaction with the Dental Hygiene program

7. If you could choose your major again, would you choose Dental Hygiene?

Definitely not
Probably not
Probably yes
Definitely yes

8. Since graduation, if you have been or are currently employed as a Dental Hygienist, please answer the following questions regarding your Dental Hygiene Educational Outcomes. If you have not been employed in the field, please skip to the "Comments" section.

Please indicate your personal satisfaction with your preparation received to perform the following:

Satisfied Dissatisfied Very
a. Clinical infection & hazard control procedures
b. Data gathering
c. Exposing & processing radiographs
d. Dental hygiene assessment
e. Dental hygiene treatment planning
f. Oral health education
g. Nutritional counseling
h. Cleaning removable appliances & prostheses
i. Polishing restorations
j. Coronal polishing
k. Fluoride application
l. Application of pit & fissure sealants
m. Application of chemotherapeutic agents
n. Pain control
o. Periodontal scaling
p. Root planning
q. Evaluation of dental hygiene services
r. Function as an integral part of the oral health care team
s. Utilize critical thinking skills
t. Assume responsibility for participating in continuing education activities


If you have any other comments about your experience, give those below.

Thank you for completing this survey.


Kim B. Harris • 882-4695 • Click name for email address

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