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Healthcare Documentation Specialist (medical transcription/speech recognition editing)
Online Course Option
Online Course Option

Our Healthcare Documentation Specialist Program online courses have been developed for student convenience and we are very excited to offer our courses in this format. While this option will work well for some students, learning in this format is not for everyone. All classes require discipline, however, taking online classes requires more self-discipline and independence than traditional classroom courses. While an instructor will be available via e-mail to answer questions (asking questions is encouraged), the online student must be able to function fairly independently.

Benefits of Online Courses

  • Convenience: Students choosing the online course option benefit from being able to do all coursework at their convenience. However, assignment due dates will be established and must be adhered to.
  • Online assistance: Instructors assist by answering questions via e-mail.

Online Healthcare Documentation Specialist Program course eligibility

The following criteria are recommended for online medical transcription courses. These guidelines have been put in place in an effort to determine that applicants have appropriate skills to take this class in the online format.

  • A score of at least 90 on the dictation portion of the HCDS preadmission test is recommended.
  • A typing speed of at least 45 wpm on the typing portion of the HCDS preadmission test.
  • A composite score of at least 90 on the HCDS preadmission test.
  • Internet/e-mail access from home.
  • Provide the necessary equipment to work at home (see computer specifications)

Computer Specifications, Equipment and Internet Access

System Requirements

The computer specifications given below are minimum requirements. Most computers purchased today will have higher standards than those mentioned here, so meeting the minimum requirements should not be a problem. Meeting these minimum system requirements or higher is necessary for proper function of the software you will be utilizing.

  • Processor (CPU): Your personal computer (PC). 500 MHZ minimum, 733 or higher preferred
  • Operating System: Windows XP preferred, Microsoft Office/Word 2003. Be sure you have Word 2003 on your computer. Word pad or Microsoft Works is not acceptable. Windows Vista and Microsoft Office/Word 2007 are NOT recommended.
  • CD-ROM drive: 4X or higher preferred.
  • Memory: 128 MB minimum, 256 MB or higher preferred.
  • Free space on hard drive: 100 MB
  • Monitor: SVGA with minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600 with 16-bit high color; 1024 x 768 preferred.
  • Sound: A SoundBlaster-compatible, 16-bit or higher, sound card.

Additional Equipment

  • Foot Pedal
    You will need to purchase a special foot pedal for your computer. This foot pedal will enable you to access the dictation voice files (wave files). Once you are accepted into the program, information will be provided on purchasing the foot pedal.
  • Headset
    The other item you will need to purchase is a headset. Once you are accepted into the program, information will be provided on purchasing the headset.

Internet Access

  • The online student must have internet/e-mail access from home computer.
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