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Term Paper
Term Paper

Philosophy 111 Term Paper


General Instructions


Option 1: Choose an issue that is controversial or has been controversial in the past. Show how one side or even both sides use off topic, ambiguous, and abusive arguments in order to try to get support. You may want to present a better, more logical way for them to argue their case (this is not required - your discussion of the flaws in their argument may end up being your whole paper).

Option 2: Look at a specific type of logical fallacy (error). For example, attacking the person making the argument instead of the actually issue. Another example would be trying to scare people without proper evidence. Look at how your chosen logical fallacy shoes up in society today. Be sure to give several examples.

For both options, you will use sources from the RSCC library and/or elsewhere to write this paper. All internet sources not found through the RSCC library must be approved in advance. They should be documented, MLA style, in-text and on a works cited page.

The typed body of your paper must be a minimum of 800 words long. It should be typed, 12 point, double spaced. A minimum of three sources must be used, only one of which may be a website unless I approve of more (granted you may use as many websites as you like, but only one will count toward your three sources).  All web sources must be approved in advance.  Papers not making use of any approved sources will receive no credit.


____Works Cited

____Final Paper

____ Approved topic proposal (not required, but this protects you from writing a paper on a topic I cannot approve.

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