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Student Handbook

Grades, as well as transcript information, withdrawals and other data perceived by a student to be in error, must be protested within the subsequent semester after the information was posted. If a student believes there are circumstances which warrant an appeal of a grade received for other than academic misconduct, the student must appeal the grade within 45 calendar days following the last day of the end of the semester in which the grade was posted. The appeal process must be initiated by the student and includes the following steps which must be followed in this order:

(1) Contact the instructor in writing to ensure that no calculation or administrative error occurred and if it is not possible to resolve the problem at this level;

(2) the student can submit in writing an appeal to the division dean or appropriate supervisor of the instructor and the student can expect a written response. If the issue is not resolved at this level, then

(3) the student can submit the written appeal to the Vice President for Student Learning, whose decision will be final.

Protests initiated after the allowed time frame of 45 days will not be reviewed.

For more information about grade appeals please view RSCC Policy SA-06-01 - Student Disciplinary Policy


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