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Learning Styles Assessment

Learning Styles Assessment

This assessment is designed to help you become more aware of your preferred learning style(s) and will also provide you with learning strategy tips to help you study in a productive manner.

Let's Begin!

If more than one answer per question describes your learning habits, choose the one that describes your most frequent tendencies.  There are no right or wrong answers, so go with your first response.

1. To help myself remember information that I’ve been introduced to in a class, I

draw charts or diagrams outlining the important points
rewrite my lecture notes in complete sentences
try out what I’ve learned in a real life situation
discuss what I’ve learned with a classmate

2. When reading a story, I

imagine the characters as they might appear in a movie
concentrate on the author’s choice of words
imagine what I would do in a situation similar to the characters’
hear the voice of the characters in my mind

3. When I buy something that requires assembly, I

follow the illustrations in the instructions
read the steps described in the instructions
start  assembling the pieces by trial and error
talk myself through the assembly out loud

4. My favorite classes are those in which

the instructor illustrates concepts by drawing on the board
the instructor focuses on written assignments
the instructor allows students to participate in experiments and demonstrations
the instructor lectures on the material

5. When I need to go to an unfamiliar location, I

locate a map
locate written directions
drive around until I find the address
ask a friend how to get there

6. If I were learning a foreign language, I would prefer

matching vocabulary words to pictures
reading sentences containing the vocabulary words
trying out the language in conversation
listening to a native speaker

7.  When I have free time, I relax by

watching television
reading a book or magazine
exercising or playing a sport
listening to music

8. If I meet someone new at a party, I

focus most on the person’s appearance
concentrate on the person’s name
notice the person’s body language
listen to the sound of the person’s voice

9. When assigned a class presentation, I would most likely

design a poster illustrating the subject matter
write detailed notes to read to the class
build a model or prepare a demonstration
deliver a speech which I’ve practiced out loud

10. In a math class, I am most comfortable with

geometrical shapes
word problems
going to the board to work through a problem
hearing the teacher explain how to solve an equation

11. When I misplace something, I

picture where I last saw the object
describe to myself where I last saw the object
retrace my steps to where I last saw the object
say out loud, “I know I put my keys on the table when . . .”

12. When remembering a past event, I

see details about the place and the people involved
recall the event as a story
think most about my actions or movements at the time
recall what I said or what other people involved said

13. If I have to spell an unfamiliar word, I

go by how it looks on the page
rely on its similarity to other words I know
write out the word until it seems right
sound it out

14. When working with classmates on a group project, I tend to

doodle while discussing the subject
sit quietly and take notes about the conversation
move around the room while discussing the project
take a major role in the conversation

15. When I visit a museum, I get the most out of

just looking at the exhibits
reading the descriptions of the works
considering how the work was created or how the display was assembled
taking a guided or audio tour

16. When flying, I

sit by the window
read a book or magazine to pass the time
feel uncomfortable because I can’t get up and move about
talk to the person sitting beside me

17. When buying a new computer, I would most likely make my choice by

looking around the electronics showroom
reading reviews in newspapers and magazines
testing the computer at the store
discussing its advantages and disadvantages with friends and colleagues

18. I would find the following career most appealing

graphic designer
newspaper editor
radio personality

19. If I were teaching a class, I would

incorporate slideshows
emphasize essay assignments
incorporate role-playing and hands-on activities
use podcasts to deliver lectures

20. When taking a study break, I most likely

watch a video on Youtube
work a crossword puzzle
get out of the house for a short walk
call up a friend

Here are the results of your responses. Keep in mind that most people have multiple styles of learning. Also keep in mind that people can, through practice, master learning styles that are not initially comfortable for them.
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