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Counseling Services
Personal Counseling
Personal Counseling

Goal and Scope of Personal Counseling

Personal counseling involves professional guidance that utilizes psychological methods and interview techniques. The goal of personal counseling is to help work through an issue, which is affecting an individual’s life and education. Sessions are scheduled by appointment and are free to Roane State students. Roane State counselors provide personal counseling on a short-term basis (usually 4-6 sessions). If a student needs help that is outside the scope of services offered by college counselors, a referral is made to an outside mental health service or appropriate facility.


Confidentiality of counseling visits is assured so that students may feel free to discuss their concerns. Under the law, there are a limited number of reasons a counselor may give out information without written consent by the student. Those reasons include (1) when child or elder abuse is suspected, (2) when a student is in imminent danger of hurting him/herself, and (3) when a student has threatened serious harm or death to another individual.

Set Up An Appointment

To set up an appointment, see our contact information.

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