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Dual Studies
About Dual Enrollment
About Dual Enrollment

Getting Ready for Class

Admission Requirements

First Class students should meet the following criteria:

  • junior or senior status
  • minimum GPA 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • minimum ACT/PLAN score on:
    • English subscore - 18
    • math subscore - 19
    • reading subscore - 19

Specific ACT guidelines are as follows as some subject areas may allow for exemptions:

Classes that do not involve math skills

  • 19 Reading/18 English

Classes that involve math skills

  • 19 Math/19 Reading

Career/Technical Courses

Business, Computer Science, Early Childhood Education, Emergency Medical Responder, Medical Terminology

  • Must have 2.0 GPA and counselor/teacher recommendation
  • You must meet Roane State's dual enrollment admission requirements, which are appropriate ACT scores and GPAs: 3.0 high school GPA for general education classes and 2.0 high school GPA for most career/technical classes.

Juniors and seniors are accepted into the First Class program. Academically gifted students may be admitted to RSCC prior to the junior year based on an IEP documenting gifted status.

Admission Process

Before you can register to take a class at Roane State, you must apply for admission to the institution. This step requires that you complete an online application. A link is provided below. At the "Admission Login" Page, there is a first-time user account creation step necessary unless you have previously completed this step.

  • Create a Login ID/Create a PIN/Verify PIN (keep this information for future use)
  • Choose 05-Dual Studies Application under drop-down menu
  • Select term for Admission
  • Fill in name and click Fill Out Application

Please select all icons on the checklist and complete the required information for each. You may exit at any time and finish later if necessary,

NOTE: When the screen prompts you to select "Planned Course of Study", choose “Dual Enrollment Studies” and then “Continue.” If you have questions about this step, please contact Student Enrollment at (865) 882-4554.

Click 'Application is Complete' when all checklist items have been completed.

Online Application

The admission application will not be required again unless you skip a fall or spring semester. In other words, if you attend consecutive semesters at RSCC, not including summer semester, you do not submit another application form. If you do not register for consecutive terms, then you will apply for admission to RSCC again; this time you would choose readmit when asked for Application Type.

Applications require a $20 fee in order to be processed. The first time you apply is the only time you will pay an application fee. You may pay this fee; (1) online as you complete the admission application, (2) by calling the Business Office at (865) 882-4515 to pay by credit card, (3) by mailing a check to the Roane State Business Office, 276 Patton Lane, Harriman, TN 37748, or (4) by hand delivering cash to any of the Roane State sites. Also, a RSCC recruiter may collect fees when visiting the high school campus.

The Roane State recruiter for your school may answer questions or provide assistance in completing the application process. Check with your school counselor for scheduled visits from the recruiter.

Along with the application, you must submit two documents: 1) an official partial high school transcript; and 2) a completed Hepatitis B History Form. You must request that your school counselor submit your transcript to RSCC.

Hepatitis B

This form is avaliable from the Records office.

Print the form and complete the required information. Check the appropriate option, include a parental signature and mail the form to the address posted at the bottom of the document. RSCC recruiters will be at the high schools during the beginning of the semester and may schedule days to pick up completed paperwork. You may also take the completed form to a RSCC admissions office on any campus/center.

Registration for Classes

Dual enrollment means you are enrolling at the college and taking college courses for a letter grade. Each semester, you must register for the course(s) in which you plan to enroll. This application is in addition to the online admission application. You have to be accepted into the college before you can enroll in a class. Your course registration application may be submitted when you apply for college admission, but it will be held in the Admissions and Records Office until all paperwork is complete, including receipt of an official transcript from your high school.

Once you have been accepted as a college student, the Admissions and Records Office will process your course registration and enroll you in the requested course(s). A copy of the First Class registration form is located online at the dual studies website. All forms must indicate a course name and if you do not know the CRN, please indicate the time/day of the class. CRNs for courses offered at the college may be located on the Web at Dual enrollment courses conducted on a high school campus are not included on the online list of classes. The RSCC recruiter can provide the CRN, or the Student Enrollment Office (865-882-4555) can enroll you in the course if the course name and day/time are indicated, based on your high school information.

To check the status of your registration process, go to and click on RaiderNet at the top of the page. If you do not have a RaiderNet account established, choose "Setup Your RaiderNet Account Here". Directions to establish a RaiderNet account are provided on the Web site. The first time you sign on, you will use your Social Security number, but this number will be replaced with your new student ID number. Your PIN number will initially be a six-digit number composed of your birth date (month/day/last 2 digits of birth year). Please change your password. If you have difficulty accessing your account, the RSCC Help Desk is available during college operating hours at (865) 882-4595.

It is your responsibility to go to RaiderNet on the Roane State Web site to confirm that paperwork is processed and to know if fees are due. Not paying college fees automatically drops you from the course(s).


You are responsible to purchase textbooks for the classes in which you enroll. Some high schools/organizations provide funds for purchasing textbooks. You may ask your school counselor to explain the textbook process at your school. Remember that your local Tennessee Career Center may assist with the purchase of books when requested; documentation of a financial need may take several days, so please contact the Career Center early. Centers also provide textbook funds to academically gifted students as well as provide money for other dual studies expenses.

The staff at the Harriman or Oak Ridge Campus Bookstores can tell you which textbook(s) will be needed for specific courses. You need to know the name of the course you are taking and its course number when speaking to the staff member or ordering textbooks online. If you have difficulty with the process, call the Dual Studies Department at (865) 882-4504.

Students may purchase new or used books, or you have the option to rent some textbooks. Orders may be made by phone or online and shipped free directly to your home. Call (865) 882-4571 or go to for more information. The bookstore may be interested in buying your textbook back from you after you complete the course.


Tuition and Fees

Students are assessed tuition based on the number of semester hours in which they enroll. The tuition fee for 2014 is $154 per semester hour. All fees are subject to change under the direction of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) and will be posted on the RSCC Web page ( as changes are made. In addition to tuition, fees are assessed based on student participation. All dual studies students pay a technology fee, which is currently $15 per credit hour.

TN Dual Enrollment Grant

Students who meet the dual studies criteria may apply for the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant (TDEG) available at postsecondary institutions; it is funded from the proceeds of the state lottery to assist high school students with college tuition.

  • If taking one class per semester: A student can use the $300 Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant (TDEG) toward the cost of one class. Using the grant will not affect future HOPE scholarship funds.
  • If taking two classes per semester: A student can use up to $300 of HOPE scholarship funds toward the cost of a second class per semester. The $300 will be deducted from the HOPE scholarship funds that the student receives when starting college.

However, there is a Title IV requirement that may effect dual enrollment students who do not successfully complete coursework. Besides the lottery benchmark requirements, students also have to be achieving Title IV Satisfactory Progress Standards.  At RSCC, this means they must complete 67% of their coursework and maintain a 2.0 college GPA. This standard is checked after spring term, so if a dual enrollment student took just a spring class and received a “D” he/she would have a college GPA of 1.0 and, therefore, the student would be placed on Financial Aid (FA) Suspension.  Suspended students will need to appeal with an explanation of why they had difficulty. If the FA Appeals Committee are in agreement, the suspended high school student may be reinstated and finacial aid awarded.

The TN Dual Enrollment Grant is awarded to Tennessee residents who are high school juniors or seniors. As of November 2007, students no longer are required to receive both high school and college credit in order to receive grant funds. The grant pays up to $600 per semester or a total of $1200 per academic year. To be eligible to renew the grant, you must achieve at least a cumulative GPA of 2.75 for all postsecondary courses attempted under the TN Dual Enrollment Grant.

The acceptance of the lottery-funded grant is optional. Students may choose to pay all fees. Fees not paid by the grant may be paid online, by phone at (865) 882-4515, or you may go to the business office on a Roane State campus or center. DEG website

First Class Scholarships

During the 2014 academic year, the RSCC First Class Scholarship agrees to pay the difference in tuition/fees for each dual enrolled student who takes a 3-hour course at a high school. Tuition required for a 3-hour course conducted off campus is $495. The lottery pays $300; RSCC pays $162. Students attending class on a RSCC campus must pay an additional campus access fee of $7 per semester. Also, students taking a 4-hour class, or more than one 3-hour course, are responsible for additionals charges. Courses requiring labs may have a lab fee depending on the lab facility. Questions regarding fees may be directed to the bursar’s office at (865) 354-3000.

In an effort to assist dual studies students in paying the balance of tuition/fees not covered by the TN Dual Enrollment Grant and the First Class Scholarship, local donors have been, and continue to be, identified by the college.

To date the following scholarships are available although funds are being solicited in all counties. As monies are made available, the Dual Studies Department will inform the high school administration. Some county systems and donors provide students the required textbooks for dual studies courses.

County Tuition/Fees Textbooks Provided By
Anderson No assistance No assistance
Campbell No assistance No assistance
Cumberland No assistance Cumberland Schools
Fentress All tuition/fees paid Community Bank
Loudon No assistance No assistance
Morgan No assistance No assistance
Roane No assistance No assistance
Scott All tuition/fees paid Scott/Oneida Schools

Some students opt to take more than one course per semester. These students should make sure all fees are paid on time. Payment will be accepted by cash, personal check, money order, or by VISA, American Express or MasterCard credit or debit card at any RSCC site or can be mailed to the Roane County Campus. Telephone authorizations by VISA or MasterCard are accepted at the Roane County Campus (865) 882-4515 or you may pay by accessing RaiderNet if you have been admitted as a RSCC student. Click on RaiderNet and log into your account. Go to Student Account Summary, and use the RaiderPay feature. For more information, call (865) 882-4515.

The computer system will delete students from the system who have not paid fees promptly. Be sure to check your RaiderNet account for account balances. If you are deleted from the system for non-payment, and you do not re-enroll with payment, you will not receive college credit even if you attend class and complete the assignments.

TN Career Center Assistance

Tennessee Career Centers may provide help to First Class students who qualify with a financial need. Please contact your local center if you require monetary assistance to pay tuition, purchase textbooks or need transportation costs to travel to a Roane State site.

Please refer to TCC county flyers to find out more details.

Anderson County (865) 483-7474 Flyer
Blount County (865) 379-5525  
Campbell County (423) 566-3300 Flyer
Cumberland County (931) 484-7456 Flyer
Fentress County (931) 528-1127  
Knox County (865) 691-2551  
Loudon County (865) 986-5506  
Morgan County (423) 346-3060  
Roane County (865) 376-3082  
Scott County (423) 569-9348 Flyer

Policy and Procedures

Drop a Class/Withdrawls

Please understand that once you are registered and fees are paid, you cannot just change your mind and stop attending a college course. Consequences of not following procedures may result in an “F” on your college transcript. Your transcript will follow you to other college/university institutions.

If you are taking a class during the regular school day on the high school campus, your school may not allow you to drop the class due to class scheduling. See your school counselor for the policy at your school.

If circumstances arise that prohibit you from continuing a course and you have approval from your school administration, you may officially drop or withdraw. There is a calendar located under "Student Resources" at; it tells the last date you can drop/withdraw from a class. Scroll down to "Getting Ready for Classes" and click "Academic Calendars". Choose the current semester and you should find the last date to officially withdraw from class. Please contact Admissions at (865) 882-4735 for help to submit the necessary paperwork to drop a class.


If you experience difficulty in the classroom, first contact your instructor and explain the problem. College faculty members post office hours for this purpose. You should receive a syllabus from your instructor at the beginning of each semester explaining how to contact him/her and when he/she is available. If you are unable to reach your instructor, contact the dean of the subject area in which you are enrolled.

Also, as a Dual Enrollment student, you can access the Learning Center website for tutoring and online services.

The Dean of Humanities is responsible for English, foreign language, art, music, speech, and philosophy. The Dean of Social Science, Business and Education is responsible for history, geography, psychology, sociology, business, economics, early childhood education, geographic information systems, and criminal justice. The Dean of Math and Sciences is responsible for all math courses, biology, computer and engineering courses. The Dean of Allied Health Sciences is responsible for all health-related courses, including First Responder, Fundamentals of Health Information Management, Introduction to Occupational Therapy and Medical Terminology.


Dual enrollment classes taught at the high school or designated dual enrollment classes (taught on a college campus with only high school students enrolled in the class) do NOT need to request college transcripts. Faculty members will report grades to the high school and the college without any student action.

Dual enrollment students taking a class on a Roane State campus with college students intermingled MUST request a college transcript be sent to their high school guidance office if they want the credit to be recorded on their high school transcripts. This is an option; dual enrollment does not require that a high school credit be awarded. The transcript release form is located on the RSCC Web site; click on Student Resources and select Student Records/Registration. On the left, click on Forms and scroll down to Transcript Release. For assistance, contact the Office of Records and Registration, (865) 882-4526

Questions regarding assigned grades should be discussed with the instructor. Additional inquiries may be addressed to the appropriate dean for the division. If you wish to improve a grade in a college course, discuss your concern with your parents and school counselor or call the RSCC Advising Resource Center at (865) 882-4597. You may opt to retake a class, but the TN Dual Enrollment Grant will not pay for a repeat course. You must contact the Admissions and Records Office at (865) 882-4526 to submit the course repeat form.


You should be aware that as a dual studies student the college recognizes you as an adult pursuing an education. You are expected to conduct yourself in accordance with the rules and regulations of the college. The Institution Policy Statement, Academic and Classroom Misconduct, and Discipline and Due Process Procedures are outlined on the RSCC Web site in the Student Handbook, which may be found by clicking Learn More about Catalog on the left side of the Home page. Scroll down to Student Handbook and click Student Conduct and Discipline.

Please pay particular attention to the following issue. Plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited. Students guilty of academic misconduct, either directly or indirectly through participation or assistance, are immediately responsible to the instructor of the class. In addition to other possible disciplinary sanctions which may be imposed through the regular institutional procedures as a result of academic misconduct, the instructor has the authority to assign an "F" or a zero for the exercise or examination, or to assign an "F" in the course. Do not jeopardize your educational opportunity by making unwise decisions.

Most Common Mistakes

  • The wrong college is selected on the Tennessee (TN) Dual enrollment Grant
    • Student must select Roane State on the grant, not where student intends to go after high school
  • The wrong term is selected on the TN Dual Enrollment Grant
    • Multiple terms are open on the grant application; be sure to select the semester in which you plan to enroll
  • The wrong grant is selected
    • The TN Dual Enrollment Grant (TDEG) is not the HOPE scholarship.  Both grants are funded by the lottery; the TDEG is for high school students, and the HOPE is not.  You may access the grant from the Dual Studies website to assure you are applying for the correct grant.
  • Incomplete paperwork
    • Registration cannot be finalized if all steps are not completed
  • Students do not check their account balances
    • Students who attend a class on a RSCC campus may owe student fees not covered by the scholarship
    • The computer system automatically removes students from the class in which there is an unpaid balance a few weeks after the semester begins, and students might be unaware that they have been dropped
  • Students may change their minds about taking dual enrollment and quit attending class
    • Non-attendance does not automatically remove the students from the class
    • Students must contact the RSCC recruiter or the Student Enrollment Office to officially withdraw from a class
    • Some school systems do not allow students to withdraw; please discuss with your school counselor
  • Students make a grade of C or below and lose the Dual Enrollment and First Class grants

Helpful Hints

Admission means the college admits you as a student.  In other words, you have submitted all required documents; i.e., your transcript.

Registration means you are enrolling in a specific class.  For example, you fill out the registration form to take Comp I.

NOTE: You cannot register for a class until you have been admitted to the college.

Once you have been admitted to the college, you will receive a RaiderNet account for which you can access email and your account balances.

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