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About Room Scheduling at Oak Ridge
About Room Scheduling at Oak Ridge

Employees of Roane State Community College who wish to reserve space at the Oak Ridge Campus may click here to be taken to the online form. Some areas are availble to schedule yourself (see below).  ALL other requests must be submitted using the form.  Due to the volume of requests year-round, we cannot process “walk-in” or emailed requests as efficiently.

You may schedule the Oak Ridge Conference Room (A-108), C-113 Computer Lab, the Atrium (you may reserve one, two, or all three sections), the Manly Art Gallery, the Nook (large conference room inside Anderson's Grille) and the Visitor's Lobby yourself.  Click here for instructions

Not sure where something is?  Click here for a campus map.

Information for Faculty About Scheduling Classrooms

Classrooms for Credit Classes

Unless you let us know about specific needs by using the online room request form, we’ll schedule your classroom based on the number of students only. Using the online form will give you the opportunity to specify classrooms or classroom equipment that you prefer. You will receive a confirmation email that your room has been assigned.

You will need to schedule your classroom or activity EACH SEMESTER – we do not have the resources to maintain standing orders for particular rooms or equipment.

Please request your room as soon as you know you need it. Having your information early will help us plan ahead to get you the room you want and keep you informed if there are changes.  If you are requesting a different room than the one you've been assigned, please be aware that your request may have to wait until scheduling for all classes is complete.

It will be difficult, if not impossible, to fulfill last-minute requests for rooms because we simply do not have enough space.

You may look in your Raidernet account to see classroom assignments as soon as they are made.  Final classroom assignments are generally posted about a week before the first day of classes. Rooms for classes will appear in your RaiderNet account as soon as they are assigned. Please note that classrooms may change as long as students are able to enroll. It is a good idea to check RaiderNet again right before your first class.

Classrooms for Other Activities

"Extra Activities" are one-time or short-term (less than a semester) use of a room. These may include review sessions, non-credit classes, club meetings, small-group conferences, or guest presentations.

It is important that we have your activity on our schedule. This will help us clear the building in the event of an emergency, contact students or faculty in the event of a personal emergency, avoid interruptions of your event by the cleaning staff, and preclude that room being used by another faculty member or event which has gone through the scheduling process.

Extra activities cannot be scheduled until credit classes have been assigned a classroom, and credit classes WILL have priority over other activities.

Other activities will appear on the Event Horizon Calendar. Self-scheduling using this system is available for the Conference Room (A-108), the Atrium, or the Visitor's Lobby.  You will receive an email letting you know the status of your request as soon as we are able to schedule it. Should you have a deadline, please indicate this on the online form.  

RSCC STUDENTS wishing to reserve space at the Roane State Community College may speak with their instructor or club advisor, who will be able to make the reservation for them.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS wishing to use campus spaces at Oak Ridge, please click here.

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