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Oak Ridge Branch Campus
Information for Faculty Teaching in Oak Ridge
Information for Faculty Teaching in Oak Ridge

Room Scheduling for Credit Classes

If you require any special facility or room capability for your course, let us know as early as possible by submitting a Room Request Form.

If your students must have access to a science lab outside of class, please contact us.

How do I find my classroom assignment?

Your classroom assignments are found in your RaiderNet account.  Final classroom assignments are generally posted about a week before classes.  It is a good idea to check RaiderNet again right before your first class in case of unforseen circumstances.

Room Scheduling for Other Activities

If you need to schedule facilities for other activities, such as meetings, review sessions, and non-credit classes, we can help!

For safety and logistical reasons, we must have your meeting/event on our schedule, without exception.

The following rooms you may self-schedule in Event Horizon:

C-113 (Computer Lab)
F-100A (The Nook, a large conference/meeting room)
Manly Art Gallery
Visitor's Lobby

The Atrium is a large area that may be reserved in sections:
Atrium-1 (in front of Library entrance)
Atrium-2 (facing Library, to the left of the Library entrance)
Atrium-3 (facing Library, to the right of the Library entrance)

All other rooms:

Not sure where something is?

If You Are Going to Be Late or Miss Your Class

Contact your division at the Roane County campus know if you are unable to meet your class for the whole or part of your class time. This will help them get quickly the information to your students and to us.  When the division notifies us, we will post a sign informing the students.

Please provide them, for each affected class:

  • Course Information:  the course number or CRN, course title, day/time it meets
  • The room number your class is meeting in (or your office number if this pertains to office hours)
  • What day you will not be meeting your class
  • Any brief message for the students (e.g. check Momentum for assignment)

If you need someone to give a test in your absence, please make arrangements with another faculty member or with the Testing Center if you wish to have a test proctored.

Adjunct or Visiting Faculty Office Facilities

Office Space

Open cubicles for adjunct or visiting faculty are available in both buildings.

  • Coffey-McNally Building: cubicles B-133B through B-133H.  Other nearby cubicles are permanently assigned and are not available.
  • Goff Building: cubicles 208-3 through 208-6.  Cubicles 208-1 and 208-2 are WiFi desks where you can sit with your own laptop.  Other nearby cubicles are permanently assigned and are not available.


Lockers are available in the Coffey-McNally Building and are re-assigned each year on a first-come, first-served basis.  You may request a locker assignment by contacting the Campus Police at extension 2020.  One set of lockers are located near B-133, with another set upstairs in the "H" Faculty Wing.

Mail Procedures

Incoming Mail / Faculty Mailboxes

Mailboxes are in room A-110 at the Oak Ridge campus. If you want to add or remove your mailbox, please contact Mariella Akers.

There is also an "Oak Ridge Pick-up Box" in the Oak Ridge Mailroom (A-110). This box is for employees who don't have a mailbox at Oak Ridge but wish to stop by and pick something up, by arrangement with the sender.

There is a cross-referenced directory posted on the back of the mailroom door if you are having trouble finding yours or someone else's mailbox.

Packages / Full Mailboxes

You will be notified at your RSCC email address when you receive mail that won't fit in your mailbox. 

Mail from Traditional Class Students

Students may turn papers in at the Faculty Mail Drop at the Oak Ridge Switchboard/Front Desk in the Visitor's Lobby of the campus.

Mail from IDEA Class Students

Students may use the lockbox in the IDEA classroom: there will be a supply of red envelopes and appropriate mailing labels to be filled out.  We gather mail from the lockbox once each morning and route it through the campus mail system.

Outgoing Mail - Faculty & Traditional Class Students

Allow 2 businesss days for mail traveling by courier to arrive.

  1. Place your mail in an envelope. Envelopes are available in a cabinet below the counter in A-110 marked “Courier Envelopes”.  
  2. Make sure the envelope has all other names marked out, and write the recipient’s name, division/program, and campus on the envelope.
  3. There are a series of boxes to the right of the door in A-110, marked with campus names.  Place the envelope in the appropriate outgoing box.

Courier Mail to IDEA Students

We strongly encourage all faculty to implement online resources, like Momentum, to handle as much student mail as possible.  However, this is not possible in all cases.

When sending mail to Oak Ridge, noting which IDEA classroom at the Oak Ridge campus (G-201 or G-215) will ensure your mail is delivered promptly.

Incoming exams should be marked and routed to the Testing Center. Any other mail to students (returned papers and the like) will be sorted and delivered to the specified room once each day, in the morning.

Mail for Pick-up by Students or Community Members

Please do not leave anything in the mailroom (A-110) for non-employees.

Student Mailboxes are located next to the Switchboard/Front Desk in the Visitor's Lobby. The mailboxes are organized alphabetically, using the first letter of the recipient’s last name. Recipients may access the mailboxes whenever the campus is open.

Mail may also be left at the Switchboard for community members.

Official Mailing

Should you need to send an official mail-out, write your program’s specific account number in the top left or right-hand corners of the envelope. If you have a large mailing, bundle it with rubber bands and write the account number on the topmost envelope. Put the envelope or bundle into the outgoing mailbox for the main campus (the largest one nearest the door) in A-110.

Regular Stamped Mail

There is a drop-off at the Front Desk/Switchboard for regular stamped mail, which is usually picked up around 10:30 a.m.

Office Supplies and Equipment

Personal office supplies may be obtained from your Division and sent to your attention at this campus.  With your division’s permission, you may also purchase items from the Bookstore.

Housekeeping supplies whiteboard markers to all the classrooms. You may also obtain a marker from a workroom, the faculty secretaries in B-109 OR from the receptionist at the switchboard. Black is the only color we stock.  If you cannot locate a staff member, you may contact Security at 2020 and they will get a marker for you.

If a marker in your classroom is dry, PLEASE throw it away. Otherwise Housekeeping will not know to resupply the classroom.

Instructional Equipment Check-out, Assistance and Training

All requests for assistance with any instructional or office computers or equipment (other than IDEA Room – see below) go through the Help Desk.

Instructions on using faxing, scanning, using office machines and using classroom multimedia equipment.

IDEA Room Equipment Assistance ONLY: dial extension 4673.

Audio-visual or Instructional Equipment Loans

If you need equipment only for one class or a few classes, you can schedule your class as an extra activity in a classroom that has the proper equipment OR stop by the Oak Ridge Library to check out equipment on a daily basis.  Currently, the Oak Ridge Library has the following available:

  • 2 televisions with DVD/VCR
  • 1 television with Beta video player
  • 1 large-screen television with DVD/VCR
  • 2 multimedia projectors
  • 1 laptop (to be used with the multimedia projectors)
  • 2 overhead projectors
  • 2 large cassette/CD/radio players
  • 1 small cassette player/recorder
  • 1 slide projector
  • 5 slide carousels
  • 1 video camera (requires video tape)
  • 1 tripod for video camera

If you need training or set-up assistance, you must contact the Help Desk ( or extension 4357).  The Library is not able to provide technical assistance.

If you need particular equipment for every class that is not provided in your classroom, contact the Help Desk ( or extension 4357) about getting your classroom set up with the equipment you need.

Printer and Copier Network Names

Here is where your document will go when you print to a particular printer name:

Coffey-McNally Building

  • Downstairs Faculty Printer:  ORFAC1P1
  • Downstairs Copier A:  ORB117MFP1
  • Downstairs Copier B:  ORB117MFP2
  • Upstairs Faculty Printer:  ORFAC2P1
  • Upstairs Copier C:  ORFAC2MFP1
  • Upstairs Copier D:  ORFAC2MFP2

Goff Building

  • First Floor Faculty Printer: ORGB122P1
  • First Floor Copier E:  ORGB122MFP1
  • Second Floor Faculty Printer: ORGB213P1
  • Second Floor Copier F:  ORGB213MFP1
  • Third Floor Faculty Printer: ORG311P1
  • Third Floor Copier G:  ORGB311MFP1

Trouble with the printers?  Please contact the Help Desk at extension 4357 (HELP) or

Letterhead Stationery

We encourage faculty to download and use the Oak Ridge letterhead templates. You may also order letterhead from your division in Harriman.

Clerical Assistance

Secretarial Work

Work order forms are available. We cannot guarantee that work turned in with less than two working days' notice will be completed by your due date.  Drop off work at B-109 or B-110.

Please requisition labels, envelopes, transparencies, colored paper/cardstock, or other special items your work order might need from your division and attach them to your work order request to avoid any delays.

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