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Common RODP Web Questions
Common RODP Web Questions

Where do I log in?

I have both RODP and Web courses, where are they? Are they in the same place?

  • Even though you sign up for both types of courses through Roane State, they log in at different sites.

Where do I get my books?

  • For RSCC web courses, your textbooks will be available in the campus bookstore.
  • For RODP courses, you will purchase your textbooks from the RODP virtual bookstore. To access the bookstore, select the "Bookstore" link from the RODP website,

Am I required to buy my book at the RODP virtual bookstore?

  • No, you are not required to buy your books from the virtual bookstore. The site lists ISBN numbers so you may purchase your texts elsewhere. Please note that this is at your own risk and RODP cannot assist you with textbook errors / returns unless the purchase is through the RODP virtual bookstore.

Is there any special permission I need to take RODP courses?

  • All RSCC students may enroll in courses offered via RODP delivery. There is an additional charge for each credit hour. Please check the RODP website for the exact amount.

When can I log into my course (date/time)?

  • You will be able to log into your course on the first day of the semester, typically sometime in the afternoon. A specific time the servers will open is listed on the RODP D2L log in page.

I added a class late. How long will it take it to show up in RODP?

  • It typically takes 24 to 48 hours for the courses to update in RODP.

I was dropped from a class for non-payment and have now paid my fees. How long will it take before my class shows up again and will I lose the work I've done already?

  • It typically takes 24 to 48 hours for the courses to update in RODP. Your coursework will be restored as well.

Do I have to pursue an RODP degree to take RODP classes?

  • No, RODP classes are open to all admitted students.

I get financial aid. Can I still sign up for an RODP class?

  • Yes, financial aid applies to RODP classes.

Why did they charge me for more than one RODP class?

  • RODP charges a per credit hour surcharge fee. What you see on your billing statement is the standard RSCC tuition per credit hour and the additional RODP per credit hour fee.

Does RODP charge for every credit hour?

  • In RODP courses, you pay for every credit hour. For example, if you have 12 credit hours of courses and add a 3 hour RODP course, you will be charged for 15 credit hours at the standard RSCC fee rate plus the RODP per credit hour fee for 3 hours.
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