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Learning Center
FAQ (Students)
FAQ (Students)

logoHere are our responses to your Frequently Asked Questions: 

Where is the Learning Center located? 

Our Learning Centers are located on three of Roane State's campuses:  Roane (Harriman), Oak Ridge, and Cumberland.  Each Learning Center is conveniently located in or near the library, so that you can receive all the help you need in one place. 

There are also Learning Center tutors available to help you at many of the other campuses--check with your site director for more information!

Do I have to pay for tutoring services?

No.  All Roane State students receive help from the tutors, free of charge!  

What subjects are your tutors prepared to help me with? 

Our tutors are hired based on the kinds of help that you tend to request the most.  As a result, we make sure to offer plenty of help in math, science, writing, and study skills.  We also offer tutoring in foreign languages and accounting at the Roane County and Oak Ridge campuses.  Even if your class isn't listed as one of our specialties, our tutors will try to help you with any Roane State class.  Let us know what you're working on and we'll be glad to help!

Need to find out what time a tutor who specializes in your particular subject is available?  Here are some links to the subject-based schedules for the Roane County campus, the Oak Ridge campus, and the Cumberland campus.  

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

For the most part, our Learning Centers operate on a drop-in basis.  Our tutors are trained to bounce around from one student to the next, so you don't need to schedule an appointment to receive their assistance.  The tutors will expect you to complete your work on your own, but they'll be available to answer your questions along the way. 

Sometimes, if multiple students need help with the same material, our tutors will group them together into a small study group.  Study groups allow several students to receive the same information at once--they also allow you to make new friends and help each other succeed, so students usually enjoy this opportunity.

If you find that you need to schedule an appointment for some reason, you should speak with the Learning Center Specialist.

What do I need to bring with me when I come to the Learning Center?

Please bring anything that might help both you and the tutor achieve success during the session.  This (may) include:

  • textbook(s)
  • class notes
  • course syllabus
  • your instructor's written assignment instructions
  • class handouts
  • previously graded assignments or tests

What occurs during a tutoring session?

Tutoring sessions vary based on the subject matter and the needs of each individual student (or study group).  The Learning Center tutors want you to succeed--not just on one test or assignment, but in all of your courses!  To make sure that you're learning the material, they'll expect you to do the work on your own. Their job is to serve as your knowledgeable guide along the way. 

As a result, we won't "proofread" your paper.  Instead, we'll give you some suggestions on how to improve your writing skills.  Of course, we'll be sure to point out some examples in your draft to help you get started.  Similarly, we won't go through each math problem and show you how to complete your assignment; instead, we'll work with you on a few sample problems and hover nearby in case you get stuck.  Finally, feel free to visit us if you need help studying for a test.  Our tutors have been very successful in their courses at Roane State, so they can offer lots of advice and assistance to help you succeed!

Who tutors for the Learning Center?  Can I trust the tutors to provide reliable, accurate assistance?

The Learning Centers on each campus rely on the help of student tutors, as well as tutors who have obtained a Bachelor's or Master's degree in a particular subject.  We strive to create a place where you can receive help from the person that makes you feel most comfortable.  If you're looking for someone "at your level" who has already taken the same class, possibly with the same instructor, you'll probably want to work with one of our student tutors.  However, if you're looking for someone who is more of an "expert" in a particular subject, we offer you the chance to work with more experienced tutors as well.  Our more experienced tutors have frequently taught classes at Roane State or elsewhere, so they know what you're working on.  They can also offer a lot of insight from your instructor's perspective, which can be really helpful if you're hoping to earn good grades!   

You can be sure that you'll receive high-quality assistance at the Learning Center because...

  • Tutors must have obtained at least a 3.5 GPA in their subject area;
  • Tutors must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0;
  • Many tutors were recommended by faculty members;
  • Tutors are carefully interviewed before they are hired;
  • Tutors are required to attend a minimum of 3 training sessions per year. 

I've already met with one of your tutors and would like to work with the same person next time.  How will I know when he or she is available?      

You'll want to check frequently because weekly schedules do change from time to time, but here's a link to the tutor schedules at the Roane County (Harriman) campus, the Oak Ridge campus, and the Cumberland campus.

My instructor wants to know more about what we've discussed during our session.  Do you provide that information?

Yes.  We'd be happy to provide you with a summary of what took place during any tutoring session; you're welcome to give this information to your instructor.  Most writing tutors will ask you to fill out the top of our Learning Center consultation form when you arrive.  The tutor will then take notes on the form and sign his or her name at the bottom.  If you're here for any subject other than writing, be sure to let the tutor know that you'll need a summary of your session before you leave.

If you receive help through the Learning Center Online, you can always print out the feedback that you receive and take that information to your instructor.

Does the Learning Center offer online tutoring services? 

Yes we do!  Click here for more information

I missed a test or quiz in class due to an absence.  Can I take my test in the Learning Center? 

We do not allow students to take tests and quizzes in the Learning Center because we're not prepared to supervise these graded examinations.  Instead, we encourage you to visit and/or contact the Testing Center.

Do the Learning Center tutors also assist RSCC staff and/or members of the community? 

Though the Learning Center staff always places Roane State students first, we are willing to assist other community members with their academic pursuits as well.  Any non-student who would like to receive assistance is encouraged to contact the Specialist in charge of the campus where he or she would like to receive help, to determine the best days and times to visit. 

Please Note: any request for writing assistance will be treated as an educational experience.  In other words, we will not proofread your work, but will be glad to help you recognize and improve upon any weaknesses in your drafts.

Who can I talk to if I have other questions, comments, or concerns?

The Learning Center Specialist at your particular location (the person in charge) is the best person to talk to if you have additional concerns.  If your concerns are related to the Learning Center Online, feel free to contact our new Learning Center Online Specialist, Jenny Chadorne at  We take your feedback very seriously and want to thank you in advance for making sure that the Learning Center is a comfortable and productive place to learn!


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