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All Roane State locations will be closed Friday, April 18 in observance of Good Friday. Have a great holiday.
Learning Center
Harriman Tutors
Harriman Tutors

Ethan Brown, Math & Chemistry Tutor

"Pure mathematics is, in it's own way, the poetry of logical ideas."  --Albert Einstein

Stephen Carlton, Math & Chemistry tutor

"I enjoy working at the Learning Center because I struggled with math when I first started college.  Now I can pass along the skills I have acquired and developed in my math classes at Roane State!"


Michelle Edwards, Math & Chemistry tutor

"I enjoy tutoring because I'm interested in math and chemistry.  I enjoy sharing my understanding of both subjects with others.  There is a satisfaction in helping others learn something new and feel confident when they leave the Learning Center.  "  

Kelly Golliher, Writing tutor

"Writing and helping other people are two things that I enjoy doing, and being a writing tutor gives me a chance to do what I enjoy most. It gives me a peace of mind knowing that I can help a stressed student when they are writing a paper and teach them about one of my favorite subjects in doing so."

Joey McPherson, Writing tutor

"I like tutoring because I know how stressful school can be.  It's always great to be able to help people out when they have a big paper that's due."

Daniel Miget, Statistics & Biology tutor

"I enjoy tutoring because I appreciate Probability & Statistics.  I also love helping people develop the same level of understanding I have on the subject.  I enjoy long walks on the beach and lavender-scented candles, too.  My hobbies include petting kittens and driving.  Come get your learn on!"

Kassy Ruiz, Writing Tutor

"I love tutoring writing!  Reading your essays is the highlight of my day.  Come visit me and we'll have a groovy writing party."

Buzzy Wise, Statistics & Math tutor

"I like tutoring because people are fun."

Chip Wise, Math & Chemistry tutor

"I like being a tutor in the L.C. because I really enjoy helping people out with concepts that can be hard to understand. It's also rewarding for me because it helps me focus on my own work and reinforce my skills. Besides, I get to make new friends and meet new people!  *~2ter 4 lyf~*"

Steve Ryan, Science tutor

"I haven't had this much goin' on since '98!"

For more information about tutoring services at the Roane County campus, please contact: Michael Hudson, Learning Center Specialist, at or (865) 354-3000 ext. 4329.  

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