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Oak Ridge Tutors
Oak Ridge Tutors

Elizabeth Genovise, Writing Specialist

"The best part about tutoring here is that I get to know so many different people. Every student is unique in his or her needs, interests, and personality. I like to learn about people while I am helping them, and being a tutor is one of the most rewarding ways to do that."

Marc Picarella, Statistics & Chemistry tutor

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." --Einstein


Haven Todd, Writing tutor



Micah Hallman, Writing tutor

"I like tutoring because I love to write.  I would rather spend my time reading and writing than doing my math homework!


Candace Peters, Probability & Statistics tutor

"Hello my name is Candace Peters :). I tutor Prob. & Stats along with Algebra. I like tutoring because I like working with people. I love to watch a student when they get that AH-HA moment :). I will teach you in the best way I can :)."


Evoncia Watson, Science Tutor

"Teaching a student how to learn gives them tools to use, for life."



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