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Kimbery Doss, Fentress County: Writing tutor

"I like being a tutor because I get to help so many people. I am a student at Tennessee Tech to become a teacher and I love to see students learn new things. If I am able to help even at least one person then I knowI have done something great."


Ryan Greer, Fentress County: Math Specialist

Seth Reardon, Fentress County: Learning Support Math tutor

"I like tutoring math because everyone can grasp mathematics, but some people need extra work at it--with one-on-one direction.  I enjoy having the ability to relay the fundamentals to students and see the payoff of their success." 

Bill Horner, Campbell County: Writing & Math Specialist

"I like tutoring writing because I love to write.  I like tutoring math because mathematical principles fascinate me.  Mostly, I like tutoring because it is so satisfying to see a young, struggling student finally get it."

Greg Hossbach, Loudon County: Science, Math, and Writing Specialist

Brittany White, Loudon County: Writing & Anatomy tutor



Mr. Matt Hundley, Scott County: Writing Specialist

Wesley Manis, Scott County: Math tutor

"I enjoy working with numbers and it is my pleasure to help others understand how they work.  It brings me joy to see that I can help others to better their mathematical understanding."


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