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Praxis FAQ

Praxis FAQ

If you're planning to take the Praxis, you'll want to make sure that you understand how the testing process works.  We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions:

Q: Who has to take Praxis I?

A: Any candidate for the A.S.T. education degree, who received a 21 or lower composite score on the ACT must take and pass all three sections of the Praxis I test.

Q: When is the best time to take the Praxis?

A: Although much of the timing depends on you, we suggest scheduling the test at the end of the first semester of your sophomore year. To be best prepared for the test, make sure you have taken:

It is not mandatory to have completed these courses before you take the PRAXIS, but they will serve you well in your preparation for the test.

Q: Do I have to get tutoring to take the Praxis?

A: No. If you feel confident in your abilities you do not have to get any tutoring. However, it is always good to get some guided preparation. You do not have to get tutored, but you should. After all, it’s free!

Q: What is a Praxis tutoring waiver?

A: The word waiver is not exactly accurate. What the “waiver” will give you is a certain number of Praxis test points dependent on your GPA. View the chart for the point spread.

Q: How do I get a waiver?

A: You are eligible for the waiver after receiving ten hours of guided tutoring through Northstar Learning software and the Learning Center. Contact us for more information about setting up a study schedule and getting a username.

Q: How many waivers can I get?

A: The Learning Center will gladly tutor you in as many subjects as you would like for as long as you would like, but you can only get a waiver for one subject area.

Q: Can I get a tutoring before I take the test?

A: Of course! We hope that you will take advantage of Learning Center services to prepare yourself in the best way possible. That said, if you do need a waiver (we hope you won’t), you should know that tutoring waivers given out before the PRAXIS are judged by competency. This means that you will only be given the waiver if your ten hours of subject specific tutoring result in an 80% or above average on our Northstar software.

Q: How do I get the waiver if I have already failed the test?

A: If you have already taken the Praxis 1 test, the tutoring waivers are judged only by time spent (granted you have met the GPA and ACT requirements). This means that you will be required to have ten hours or more of guided tutoring, but you will not have to meet an average point requirement on the Northstar software to receive a waiver.  That said, the Learning Center reserves the right to deny a waiver to anyone who has not shown a proper level of effort or competency in a given subject area. Contact us for more information about setting up a study schedule and getting a username.

Q: Will getting the waiver affect my degree?

A: You may still receive your A.S.T degree using a Praxis waiver.

Q: What if I only want help studying for the Praxis, do I still have to come in?

A: You do not. If you are not aiming to get a waiver, but you still want to prepare for the test, please contact us to get a Northstar username.

Q: Where do my waiver points go?

A: Your waiver points will be added to your highest test score. Meaning if you take a test once and score a 172, and then you take the test again and make a 168 after ten hours of tutoring, your waiver points will be added to the 172 score, resulting in a score of
175. View the chart for the point spread.

Contact: Jennifer H Rowan • (865) 354-3000 ext. 4329 •

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