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DegreeWorks Evaluation Program in RaiderNet

DegreeWorks Evaluation Program in RaiderNet

The DegreeWorks Evaluation Program in RaiderNet is an advising tool you can use to evaluate your progess within a degree. It produces a report that will show those degree requirements that have been “met” or “not met” by looking at completed RSCC courses, transfer courses and in-progress coursework.

You can see how your coursework would apply to any other degree or certificate available at Roane State. This is extremely valuable if you are considering changing majors.

How to Run a DegreeWorks Evaluation

  1. Log in to RaiderNet.
  2. Select "Student", then select "Your Records", then select "Select DegreeWorks Evaluation".
  3. Choose a term and submit.                                                                                                                                      
  4. Your degreeworks audit will appear for your current major.

To Run a What-If Analysis

  1. Select "What if Analysis" on the left side of the page.
  2. Choose a "Catalog Term".
  3. Choose a "Program" (All A.A.S. and Certificate programs are specifically listed; transfer students should select A.A., AA-TTP, A.S., AS-TTP,  AFA, or A.S.T (K-5), AST-TTP (PreK- 3).
  4. If applicable to your major, select a concentration for your major.
  5. Click on "Process What-if", above  choose your desired area of study.
  6. You will now be able to view the What-if analysis for the major you entered.

DegreeWorks Evaluation Facts

DegreeWorks evaluations are not official. Final evaluations are completed by the faculty advisor and verified by the graduation analyst prior to the posting of degrees.

The DegreeWorks evaluation program does not take the place of meeting with your assigned faculty advisor.

The DegreeWorks Evaluation program can only be used for catalog years beginning Fall 2013 to present. Requirements for previous or future catalogs are not available.

Articulation Agreements are not currently available in the degreeworks evaluation.

Not all transfer credits have been equated to RSCC courses. Non-equated courses will appear as ELC 9999 (or may have another prefix along with 9999). If you feel the course should be equated to a Roane State course, you can submit a Petition for Course Equivalency Form available on the Records Office website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “What If Analysis”?

The What If Analysis option allows you to run an evaluation for ANY degree or certificate program offered by Roane State. The evaluation will show you currently enrolled and registered course, courses you have taken that fulfill the course requirement ,courses still required and the courses not applicable to the program.

Does my degreeworks evaluation include the classes that I’m currently taking?

Yes. In most cases the degree evaluation displays in-progress work. If you run the evaluation for a future term that you have already registered for, it will include those classes as well. However, if you are repeating a course that you previously received credit for, the registered course will not be selected until after the end of the semester.

How will courses that I have substituted or waived appear on the degreeworks evaluation?

This information will be entered after your substitution or waiver has been approved and submitted to the Graduation Analyst. Once processed the course that you substituted will automatically be used to fulfill the requirement that was specified. You will see that course listed on the evaluation.

Are there any requirements that are not checked in the degreeworks evaluation?

Yes. It does not check requirements for licensure. You should use the degreeworks evaluation in conjunction with your Roane State college catalog located on the RSCC homepage.

What if I think my evaluation is wrong?

First review the Roane State Catalog for the most recent course requirements for your academic program. Second contact your faculty advisor. After consulting with him or her, if you still believe there are errors, contact the Advising Resource Center at 865-882-4597 or send an email to: Be sure to include your R# in your e-mail.

Contact: Amy Keeling • (865) 354-3000 ext. 4257 •

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