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Mathematics Learning Support (MLS)
Mathematics Learning Support (MLS)






Mathematics Learning Support (MLS) is designed to help students who scored lower than a 19 on the ACT or 38 on the COMPASS mathematics subsections become better prepared for college level math and science courses. Beginning fall 2011, DSPM 0700, 0800, and 0850 are no longer offered. They have been replaced with MATH 0891, 0892, and 1000. These revised courses will be taught utilizing MyLabsPlus through the Computer Based Interactive Media Instructional Method.

All MLS courses can be completed in either a one semester (modules 1-5 in 0891) or two semester schedule (modules 1-3 in MATH 0891 and modules 4-5 in MATH 0892).  MLS is designed in a "work at your own pace" format.  It is highly recommended that students complete any Learning Support course in the shortest amount of time possible.  For MLS this would mean completing all five modules within a single semester.  For students who were placed into MATH 0891/2 or 1000, the table below shows the prerequisite associations.


1 Requires the successful completion of all five competency modules.
2 Recommended for students in nursing, health sciences, education, or most other non-science degrees.
3 Recommended for students in business, engineering, mathematics or science (STEM).

For assistance in determining which mathematics courses are available, what the prerequisites are for each, and which are required for a particular academic degree, consult the following charts.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about Learning Support please contact:

Mike Hill
(865) 882-4654

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