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MLS - Diagnostic Exam Information (Summer 2014)
MLS - Diagnostic Exam Information (Summer 2014)

SUMMER 2014 STUDENTS: want to test out of MATH 0891 or 0892?

Visit and work on Practice Diagnostics 1 thru 5! Practice, Practice, Practice!  It is imperative that you spend as much time as possible practicing all of the modules.  Doing so will allow you to become accustomed to the software and how to enter answers correctly.  Be sure to practice how to use the graphing tools for modules 4 and 5. 

To log in, use your complete Raidernet email address ( as your username and your R number (capital R and all eight digits) as your password.  Testing will be available according the schedule posted below, as well as and during the first week of the semester (consult the MLS - Open Testing Schedule).  Be sure to check back for dates, times and locations. 

The Diagnostic Exam must be taken prior to the start of any work within a module.  Once a student begins working within a module they forfeit any attempt at the Diagnostic Exam.

NO cell phones, calculators or other electronic devices are permitted during the exams.  A basic single line calculator is included within the software.

Watch this video to learn more about how to prepare for the diagnostic!

NOTE:  The exams are ONLY available at the locations listed.  They are NOT available at any of the other campuses or through the Testing Center.

SUMMER 2014 - Diagnostic Exam Test Dates and Locations*

* only for students registered for spring semester of 2014.





Where do you go once you get there?

  • Roane Co. main campus in the Mathematics Learning Support Lab, room L-212 on the second floor of the library.
  • Oak Ridge Branch Campus in the Mathematics Learning Support Lab, room F-101 located in the Atrium.

No appointment is necessary to take an exam. Please try to arrive at least one hour before the end of the posted time period to ensure that you have adequate time to take the exam.  Each module consists of 10 questions with a 20 minute time limit.

Be sure to have your photo ID, R# and course section number when you check in.


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