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RSCC Policy AA-11-01; Grading and Reporting of Grades
RSCC Policy AA-11-01; Grading and Reporting of Grades
Roane State Community College
Policy Number: AA-11-01
Subject: Grading and Reporting of Grades

The grading system at Roane State Community College includes the following recommended marks for work performed by students:

A - Outstanding I - Incomplete
B - Above Average W - Withdrawal
C - Average P - Pass
D - Passing AU - Audit, no grade or credit
F - Failure

The grade "I" indicates that the student has not completed all course requirements because of illness or other circumstances beyond his/her control, especially, those which may occur toward the close of the term. Failure to make up work or to turn in required work on time does not provide a basis for the grade of "I", unless the extenuating circumstances noted under, "Testing of Students," are present for reasons acceptable to the faculty.

An "Incomplete" must be removed by the close of the following term, excluding the summer term, unless the instructor can justify the extension of time. Otherwise, the grade of "F" is automatically entered. Faculty who expect to be absent the following term must recognize their responsibility for making arrangements with the student or with the dean for removal of the incomplete record.

At the discretion of the Vice President of Student Learning, selected courses may be offered using a pass/fail grading system. A "P" indicates a passing grade in such cases.

Final grades must be filed in the Records and Registration Office within the specified time after the scheduled final examination for each course or section. Faculty members will have a copy of the grades recorded for each class of students. Once a grade has been submitted, it may not be changed without the approval of the dean. Grade change forms are available from the Records and Registration Office.

Revision History: 07/01/1990, 03/07/1994, 07/01/1995, 11/08/99, 04/08/2013
Revision Date Effective: 04/08/2013
Revision Approval By: Christopher L. Whaley, President
Original Date Effective: 01/11/1988
Original Approval By: Cuyler A. Dunbar, President
Office Responsible: Vice President Student Learning
Reviewed: 02/07/2014
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