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RSCC Policy AA-19-01; Testbook/Supplemental Materials Adoption
RSCC Policy AA-19-01; Testbook/Supplemental Materials Adoption
Roane State Community College
Policy Number: AA-19-01
Subject: Testbook/Supplemental Materials Adoption


Textbooks will be selected by the faculty and approved by the appropriate dean. A proposal to change an adopted text should originate after a study has been made by a selection committee composed of faculty who teach the course. If the committee wishes to recommend adoption of a text written by a member of the committee, the committee must have a minimum of three other faculty members. If there are not three other faculty members teaching the course, the dean will appoint the additional committee members. A faculty member who has written a text may recommend that text to the committee for adoption. If the dean is the author of the textbook recommended, approval from the Vice President for Student Learning would be needed.

The recommendation to change textbooks should be transmitted to the appropriate dean on the Textbook Change Request form. The dean will set the most feasible time to change after consulting with the bookstore manager. A minimum notice of one semester will be required before a textbook change can be implemented. For courses taught only once a year, a minimum of two semesters notice will be required. For the purpose of all textbook changes, the summer term is excluded from the required notification.

Faculty are encouraged to examine other available textbooks in their teaching fields. Many publishers send textbooks without cost for review. Textbooks that are requested by faculty from publishing houses for adoption review should be available for use by all faculty. These textbooks should not be resold. Personal copies may be available from publishers at a professional discount.

If multiple copies are required, it is the responsibility of each dean to order examination and desk copies of textbooks. Faculty may have textbook copies from the bookstore temporarily charged to the division account for their use while waiting for their own copies to arrive. Credit will be issued to the division account when a suitable replacement copy is returned to the bookstore for resale. Only deans or secretaries are authorized to get textbooks from the bookstore to be used as desk copies.

All sections of a course are required to use the same basic text(s). Any exception to this policy must be approved by the appropriate dean.

Supplemental/Optional Materials

Selection of supplemental and/or optional materials to augment basic classroom texts must be approved by the appropriate dean or the Vice President for Student Learning. Exceptions to this policy may be approved by the Vice President for Student Learning.

Responsible Party

The Assistant Vice President of Student Services/Dean of Students shall be responsible for development and maintenance of this policy for issuance by the President.

(Originally RSCC policy BA-05-02)

Revision History: 02/27/1991, 12/06/1991, 07/01/1995, 11/08/1999, 06/14/2010
TBR Policy Reference: 4:02:10:00
Revision Date Effective: 06/14/2010
Revision Approval By: Sherry L. Hoppe, President
Original Date Effective: 10/22/1990
Original Approval By: Gary Goff, President
Office Responsible: Vice President Student Affairs & Workforce Development
Reviewed: 05/16/2014
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