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RSCC Policy GA-09-01; Key Control

RSCC Policy GA-09-01; Key Control

Roane State Community College
Policy Number: GA-09-01
Subject: Key Control
  1. General Provisions
    1. Any individual requesting keys must fill out a key control form and forward the form to their department head, supervisor, or center/campus administrator (if off-campus) for processing.
    2. The person requesting the keys must sign the key control form when they receive the keys. The person signing the form is responsible for the keys.
    3. Lost keys must be reported to the department head, supervisor, or campus/center administrator immediately. Additionally, the director of Public Safety/Chief of Campus Police must be notified of lost keys.
  2. Key Issue Guidelines
    1. Grand masters may be issued to the president, vice presidents, director of Physical Plant, Supervisor of Facilities, and Chief of Police.
    2. Directors/Supervisors/Assistant Vice Presidents – May be issued keys to their individual offices/suites/rooms within the suites/other offices within their suites. Keys may also be issued to specialized areas such as computer closets, locker rooms, etc. with appropriate justification.
    3. Deans – May receive sub-masters to their suites and classrooms/areas most often used by their division.
    4. Administrative Assistant to the Deans – May be granted no more access than the dean.
    5. Faculty –May be issued keys to their individual offices and/or suite. Certain faculty may be issued a key to select specialized areas such as chemistry labs, EDU lab, the theater, etc.
    6. Other Individual Employees – Keys to their suite and individual offices based upon appropriate justification.
    7. Physical Plant Employees – Keys may be issued to designated maintenance areas such as maintenance closets, utility rooms, etc. Keys to other areas will be available on an as needed check-out basis.
    8. No keys will be issued to temporary employees unless absolutely necessary for the performance of the jobs assigned. Then access should be limited to only the particular areas needed.
    9. No keys will be issued to adjunct faculty, except private office keys, unless unusual circumstances dictate a need for keys. Then access should be limited to only the particular areas needed.
    10. No keys will be issued to students unless they hold an office in the Student Government Association or are responsible for an authorized activity that requires a private office, or other access.
    11. No keys will be issued to visitors unless they are providing services for the institution which requires work space for an extended period of time. These keys must be approved by the department head/vice president for whom the services are being provided.
    12. Building Entrance Keys – May be granted to directors/supervisors/deans/assistant vice president’s/faculty with appropriate justification. Any other employees granted building entrance keys would be on an exception basis and would require significant justification.
    13. The president may approve exceptions to the policy if appropriate.
  3. Approval Authorities
    1. All grand master key requests must be approved by the president.
    2. Master, sub-master, and outside door key requests must be approved by the appropriate vice president or the center/campus administrator if at a satellite campus.
    3. Individual door key requests must be approved at a level that reports to a vice president.
    4. All key requests will be subject to the review and approval of the Chief of Campus Police.
  4. Issuing and Distribution
    1. The campus police department will issue all keys for the Roane County campus. All keys must be picked up and signed for at the campus police department.
    2. Keys for the county centers will be issued through the administrator's office. Keys must be picked up and signed for at this location.
    3. Keys for the Oak Ridge campus will be issued through the campus administrator’s office.
  5. Maintenance of Records
    1. All key records will be maintained at the Roane County campus.
    2. To ensure that the records are up-to-date and accurate, a copy of the key control form will be forwarded to the campus police department by the issuing authority at all campus locations. This must be done immediately upon issuing or collecting keys.
  6. Collection of Keys
    1. It is the responsibility of the employee to return all keys that are no longer needed as a result of renovations, office changes, assignment changes, or termination of employment. The keys must be returned to the distribution point (location of check-out).
    2. Upon termination of employment, all keys must be returned to the distribution point before the last payroll check is released.
  7. Periodic Review of Records

    A printout of outstanding keys will be periodically provided to supervisors. These printouts should be reviewed and any inaccuracies reported to the campus police department.


Revision History: 07/01/1990, 05/13/1996, 06/04/2007, 12/01/2009
Revision Date Effective: 12/01/2009
Revision Approval By: Gary Goff, President
Original Date Effective: 01/11/1988
Original Approval By: Cuyler A. Dunbar, President
Office Responsible: Vice President for Business & Finance
Reviewed: 06/30/2016

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