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RSCC Policy GA-16-02; Letterhead Stationery

RSCC Policy GA-16-02; Letterhead Stationery

Roane State Community College
Policy Number: GA-16-02
Subject: Letterhead Stationery
  1. Purpose
    This policy is derived from TBR Guideline G-090. This policy is in accordance with the general rules and regulations of the Higher Education Publications Committee. Exceptions to this policy is subject to prior approval by the Chancellor.
  2. Policy
    The Office of Public Relations shall approve the printing and purchase of all letterhead stationery and note cards bearing the name of the institution, and this office will be responsible for monitoring implementation of these guidelines.
    1. Letterhead
      The following shall apply to all stationery printed or purchased with institutional funds:
      1. All letterhead shall be printed on 8 1/2" x 11" or smaller, standard size, 20 or 24-pound white or colored paper with a bond, wove or laid finish, No. 4 grade, with or without watermark, with 25% or less cotton fiber.
      2. All letterhead shall be printed in one or two-color ink.
      3. The institution name shall appear at the top or bottom of the page.
      4. Names of offices or individual titles, addresses, and phone numbers may be printed on letterhead; however, no individual names may be printed on letterhead.
      5. All letterhead shall be offset printed, whether by the institution, the state, or commercial printer, without benefit of any engraving, thermograph printing, or any form of raised letter printing.
      6. As an alternative to letterhead stationery, less expensive inter-office memoranda should be used for on-campus or informal correspondence. All inter-office memoranda, regardless of overall size shall be printed without individuals' names.
    2. Envelopes
      All stationery envelopes shall be printed in one or two-color ink on 24-pound white or colored wove or laid paper, in standard sizes, with the name and address of the institution/school printed in the upper left corner in accordance with postal regulations.
    3. Cards/Envelopes
      1. All cards/notes shall be printed on 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" (fold or flat) white, 80 lb. or 65 lb. card stock.
      2. Names of offices or individual titles may be printed; however, no individual names may be printed on the cards.
      3. A-2 matching envelopes are to be used. Matched sets (stocks/envelopes) purchased for special projects are to be approved by Public Relations prior to purchase.

Responsible Party: The Director of Marketing and Public Relations shall be responsible for development and maintenance of this policy for issuance by the VP of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Student Success Initiatives.

Revision History: 07/01/1990, 05/24/1996
TBR Guideline Reference: G-090
Revision Date Effective: 07/18/2017
Revision Approval By: Christopher L. Whaley, President
Original Date Effective: 01/11/1988
Original Approval By: Cuyler A. Dunbar, President
Office Responsible: Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Research
Reviewed: 02/28/2020

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