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Learning Center
Feedback from Faculty & Staff
Feedback from Faculty & Staff

If I would like to offer feedback or suggestions to improve the Learning Center, how would you like me to do so?
At the Learning Center, we possess a deep respect for our colleagues.  Therefore, we welcome constructive feedback about the services that we provide.  If you'd like to express a concern or suggestion regarding general Learning Center policies, and feel that your feedback will be applicable to multiple campuses, we encourage you to contact our director, Ben King (ext. 4486).    
For feedback that relates directly to a particular campus or center, we encourage you to contact the supervising specialist at that location:

  • Harriman, Morgan, Loudon—Michael Hudson,, ext. 4329
  • Oak Ridge, Campbell, Scott—Jessica Millis,, ext. 2326
  • Cumberland—Ann Berry,, ext. 4137
  • Fentress, Learning Center Online—Ben King,, ext. 4486

As you provide feedback,  please remember that we are often very busy with students, tutors, etc.  To ensure that we receive your feedback, please send us an email or give us a call—rather than simply stopping by.  If you would like an in-person meeting, please call the appropriate representative so that we may set up a time to meet with you when we won't be interrupted.
We appreciate your commitment to professionalism and look forward to your suggestions!    

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