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Honors Program
Guide to Being a Faculty Sponsor
Guide to Being a Faculty Sponsor

A faculty member working with an Honors Program student has the following responsibilities:

Filling out a contract

The faculty member is expected to work with the student in developing a plan of study for an Honors project.   This plan should be explained on the Honors contract form.  Then, both the student and faculty member sign the contract.  The student is responsible for making copies and getting one copy to an Honors Coordinator, one to the faculty member, and keeping one for him/herself.  The faculty member and student may meet periodically to check on the progress of the project.  The faculty member may provide assistance with the project when necessary and appropriate.

Grading the project

The faculty member decides if the project was completed to his/her satisfaction according to the parameters expressed on the signed contract.  The student must also make an “A” or “B” in the course.

Getting feedback to the coordinators

At the end of the semester the faculty member will receive an Honors credit confirmation letter through campus mail which asks if the project was completed to his/her satisfaction and if the student made an “A” or “B” in the course.  It is important that this information be submitted to an Honors coordinator so the student can receive Honors credit on his/her college transcript.  The hard copy form can be returned to a coordinator or an email can be sent containing all the pertinent information.

Participation in the Honors Forum

Please encourage all students to participate in the annual Honors Forum and Banquet.  This event takes place in April but projects from fall semester are also eligible to be displayed.  In addition the event is a celebration of the honors students themselves.  Invitations to the April event are sent to all faculty members several weeks beforehand through campus mail.

Mention of the Honors Program on a Syllabus

The Honors Program may be referenced on a Roane State syllabus.  According to the college-wide template, it would be placed after the Grading Procedure and Grading Scale information.

Here is a sample that could be used under the heading of “HONORS CREDIT”:

“This course may be taken for Honors credit.  If you are interested in receiving Honors Credit for this class, please talk to the instructor.  Also,  if you are interested in the Honors Program, see the program webpage for more information.  To reach the webpage, type ‘honors’ into the Roane State webpage search box and then click on ‘Honors program.’”

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