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Honors Program
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get started in the Honors Program?

Invitations are mailed at the beginning of each semester to students who are eligible to join.  If you believe you are eligible (see Admission Requirements on the main Honors webpage) contact one of the Honors Program Coordinators for more information.

What Grade Point Average is required?

If you have a GPA of 3.5, you should do well in the Honors Program.

What happens if a project is not completed?

Honors projects can be dropped without penalty if students experience problems.

Will Honors credit make it harder for me to keep a high GPA?

Our statistics reveal that the grades students receive in their Honors classes are slightly higher than their overall GPA.

Will it take longer to graduate with Honors?

No. Students are not required to take any additional classes. All Honors credits will be earned in classes required for various programs or in classes selected for electives.

Is the Honors Program only for transfer students in the arts, humanities, or social sciences?

No. The Honors program serves all Roane State students who want to make the most of their experiences at the college. Many Honors students have applied to or are enrolled in Health Sciences or Business programs.

My major is very demanding and I have few electives to take. Will I be able to find enough classes to take for Honors?

Of course!  Honors credit can be earned in every college level course.   In addition, almost every professor is pleased to work with Honors students.

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