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Faces of Roane State

Faces of Roane State

Faces of Roane State

Watching Cell Phone

We live in social media nation.

We post. We share. We comment.

Users upload 70 million images per day to Instagram. Approximately 500 million tweets are sent per day. Through social media, we have a window into anyone’s life, anywhere, anytime.  Never before have we had such an incredible ability to connect with people, share our views and tap into new ideas.

But, there is a downside, perhaps even a dark side.

As we connect digitally, do we lose our ability to connect face to face? Sharing ideas on social media can lead to having those ideas attacked and belittled by nameless and faceless critics. For this year’s diversity contest, consider the irrevocable influence of social media on our lives, our ideas and how we see the world.

To guide you, here are some specific prompts.

  1. How does social media affect your perception of your own life and others’ lives? Have you ever experienced a moment when you thought someone’s life was one way based on their social media, but in reality, you learned their real life was different from their social media version? Is social media reality?  
  2. Read the following pieces by writer Clay Travis. Travis operates one of the most-read sports websites in the country, and he frequently comments on media issues. He has nearly 130,000 Twitter followers. Note: The pieces contain adult language.
    • Howard Stern, Social Media Mobs, and Radio's Future by Clay Travis
    • Social Media Mobs Behave Like Children by Clay Travis
    How does social media influence our ability to express ourselves? Does it help spread diverse ideas or force conformity to one prevailing opinion? Have you ever been hesitant to express your opinion on social media because others might criticize it? Discuss that experience. Overall, discuss the influence of social media on public debate.
  3. Has social media created a culture of narcissism?
  4. Share how social media has helped you connect? When and how has it been a helpful tool for you? When has social media inspired you or opened you to new ideas?
  5. If you do not use social media, what has kept you from using it? What is your perspective on social media? Is it healthy? Is it safe? Does it contribute to our culture and our diversity?
  6. As a challenge, let go of social media for three days — honor system here, everyone. Share your experience. What emotions did you feel during your self-imposed social media ban? How did being off social media affect your relationships?

Contest rules

Winning entries will demonstrate the most effective use of artistic expression related to the theme.

Projects will be accepted in four areas:

  • Multimedia: Entries must use more than one medium to make a visual statement. 15-minute limit.
  • Performance: Submit a video or audio recording of your performance. 15-minute limit.
  • Visual arts: Artists may submit a maximum of three entries. Artists must submit photos of their work and the originals.
  • Written arts: Students can submit an original written piece of their choice. Maximum 2,500 words.


Entry forms are in Momentum (look for the “Enter the 2015 Diversity Contest” course under Learning Resources)

  • Applications to enter the contest are due in Momentum by Sept. 30.
  • Entries are due in Momentum by Oct. 14.


First-place winners in each category will receive $1,000. Second-place winners in each category will receive $500.

Winners from previous years

Current Roane State students who won prizes in past Diversity Contests must participate in a category different from the one in which they won a prize.


For contest questions, please contact Valerie Herd, (865) 354-3000 ext. 4238,

What is Faces of Roane State?

Faces of Roane State is a celebration of your story, your history and your culture.

Faces of Roane State is about expression. Faces of Roane State embraces sharing and building a culture that appreciates students' unique lives and points of view.

Faces of Roane State is about speaking up and saying, "This is who I am." Faces of Roane State is about you.

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