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Mechatronics Certificate

MECH 1010 - Mechanical Systems

This course is a study of the basic mechanical components in a complex mechatronics system. Topics covered include basic functions and physical properties of mechanical components and the roles they play in the system such as: materials, lubrication requirements, and surface properties: troubleshooting techniques and strategies to identify, localize and correct malfunctions; and systemic preventative maintenance; and electrical and mechanical component safety. Technical documentation such as data sheets and specifications of mechanical elements will also be covered.

MECH 1020 - Fundamentals of High-Tech Manufacturing

This course explores and teaches the basics of process control and automated manufacturing processes. Topics include programmable logic controllers, discrete and analog I/O, PID loops, materials handling processes, automated three-state conveyor applications, physical, chemical and electronic principles necessary for sensors to measure or detect changes in the process physical phenomena. This course also examines the benefits realized using computer integrated manufacturing as applied to a production or assembly process.

MECH 1030 - Introduction to Industrial Electronic Systems

This course is a study of the basic electrical components in a mechatronic system. Topics covered will include basic functions and physical properties of electrical components; troubleshooting techniques and strategies to identify, localize and correct malfunctions; and systematic preventative maintenance and electrical component safety. Technical documentation such as data sheets, schematics, timing diagrams and system specifications will also be covered.

MECH 1040 - Programmable Logic Controllers

Introduction to programmable logic controller terminology, input/output modules and memory. Relay schematics and ladder logic diagrams and programming of programmable logic controllers covered and reinforced in practical laboratory experiments. Sensing devices as limit switches, on/off electrical devices, applications of industrial tye PLCs requiring motion control are included. 

MECH 1050 - Industrial Robotics

This course introduces the student to robotics and defines the uses in Industrial Manufacturing. Various topics cover robotic classifications, applications, work-cell layout, and software packages for programming various manufacturers robots. Included is an overview of the I/O and sensor interfacing used with the robotic controller. Students gain operating and troubleshooting experience, plus experience in programming an industrial robot for applications assemblies, parts feeding, index table control, conveyor integration and fault detection systems.

MECH 1110 - Fundamentals of Mechanical Systems

Provides students with basic skills and fundamental knowledge of a sophisticated automation systems.Includes focus on mechanical, electrical, fluid/pneumatic and computers, and the integration of such to achieve machine movement and control. Lecture and discussion provide additional information essential to a qualified operator or technician of mechatronics.

MECH 1120 - Pneumatics and Hydraulics

This course is a study of fluid power technology using fluids or compressed air as the transfer media. Complete hydraulic and pneumatic systems are studied including power sources, reservoirs, pumps, compressors, lines, valves and actuators. Students will learn troubleshooting strategies to identify, localize and correct malfunctions. Preventative maintenance and safety issues will also be discussed.

MECH 1130 - Programmable Logic Controllers Advanced

This is an advanced course on applying the basic concepts, programming and applications of a PLC. Topics include various applications of industrial implementation of PLCs requiring programming, program troubleshooting, timers and counters, subroutines. as well as event-driven and time-driven sequences. Ladder logic diagrams and programming PLCs are covered and reinforced in practical laboratory experiments.

MECH 1140 - Computer Aided Design for Mechatronics

This course is a study of technical drafting techniques and computer aided design for engineering and manufacturing disciplines. Students will learn to create and read basic engineering-type drawings used for mechanical parts, area pnas, sheet-metal and mechatronics projects. Students will learn about orthographic and isometric projection, section views, dimensioning, and title blocks. SolidWorks will be the drawing software used for the class. SolidWorks topics covered will be basic commands, file maintenance, creation of 2-D drawings and plotting.

MECH 1160 - Industrial Safety

This course includes the OSHA 30-hour General Industry Safety and Health content. Upon completion, attendees will receive a 30-hour course completion card. Students will also learn the requirements of general material handling and storage, as well as specifics in the storage, movement utilizing powered industrial trucks, combustibility issues of flammable materials, and handling and storage of non-compatible materials. Instruction in the conditions, operations and circumstances of fall protection systems and practices will be provided.

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