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Advanced Placement (AP)
Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement (AP) testing is offered by The College Board to students in high school who have taken Advanced Placement courses. There are currently more than 30 courses offered by the AP Program across multiple subject areas.

Who can get AP credit?
Credit is granted to those who took an AP exam as a high school student. College credit is not given if a student took an AP course in high school, but did not take the corresponding AP exam. AP exam scores of three (3) or higher are required to earn credit.

How do I get my AP credit(s)?
To receive credit for AP exams, students should have an official score report sent to the Admissions and Records office from The College Board. Credits will not be awarded without receipt of scores from The College Board.

What grade will I get for my AP exam(s)?
A letter grade of 'P' (Pass) is awarded for any alternative credit earned.

Does my AP credit count in my GPA?
No. All credits earned from PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) are given a grade of "P", which carries no quality points. Quality Points are one of the factors used to calculate your GPA. Learn more about your GPA and how it is calculated here.

What happens if I don't make a three (3) on my AP exam(s)?
Nothing, the records office will make a note in your student account that we received scores, and that no credit was awarded.

I took the English Literature & Composition exam and earned credit for ENGL 2310 & 2320. Do I still have to take Comp I & II?
Yes. If Comp I & II (ENGL 1010 & 1020) are required for your major you will be required to take those courses if you did not earn credit for ENGL 1010 & 1020. To have earned AP credit for ENGL 1010/1020, you need to have a minimum score of three (3) on the English Language & Composition exam.

Will my AP credits transfer to another college/university?
Each higher education institution has a policy regarding the awarding of credit for AP exams. Check with your senior institution to determine what scores are necessary for credit, and which courses and hours you are eligible to receive. Students should plan to send official AP test scores to any other colleges they may attend. Roane State is not allowed to re-release any official scores to other colleges or universities.


AP Credit Guide

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