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Admissions Office
Challenge Examinations
Challenge Examinations

Currently enrolled students desiring to obtain credit by successfully completing challenge examinations must apply to the appropriate division and arrange to take the examination. A Credit-By-Proficiency form will be used. Credit-By-Proficiency cannot count toward residency requirements.

The student must take the form to the Business Office and pay the appropriate fee prior to taking the test. Students will be required to pay a fee equal to $20 per credit hour times the number of credit hours. This fee is in addition to maintenance fees paid for courses in which the student is actually registered.

After fees are paid the student will take the form to the appropriate department to complete the test. When the test is complete, the grade assigned, and the appropriate signatures in place, the form will be sent to the Admissions and Records Office for recording of credit. Credit type will be noted as PFT and a grade of “P” (Pass) will be assigned. Other institutions are not obligated to accept these courses for transfer.

Fees are waived if the student desires to validate credit by examination for earned hours from an unaccredited institution or vocational school. Students must verify by official transcript that the credits have been earned previously when arranging to take the examination. 

Can I challenge any class?
No. Courses that contain a clinical or laboratory component cannot be challenged. If a course has competencies that cannot be assessed in a proficiency exam, it cannot be challenged. If you want to know if a course can be challenged, please contact the appropriate academic department.

How much does it cost to challenge a course?
Students who challenge are assessed a fee equal to $20.00 per credit hour. 

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