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Business Programs
Business Accreditation
Business Accreditation

Accreditation Documents (ACBSP)

Student Learning Outcomes

Quality Assurance Report, 2008-2010

Program Outcomes & Performance Results


Employer Survey, 2013

  • 100% of employers indicated that they would hire another RSCC BMT/CMT graduate in the future.
  • 100% of employers rated RSCC BMT/CMT graduates as equally prepared or better prepared than graduates from other institutions who had similar academic and work experiences. 40% indicated that RSCC graduates were MORE prepared than graduates from other institutions.

Alumni Survey, 2012

  • 100% of BMT/CMT alumni would recommend RSCC to others.
  • 100% of BMT/CMT alumni indicated that their RSCC education contributed to their acquirement of job-related knowledge and skills.
  • 94.1% of BMT/CMT alumni rated the preparation they received as “excellent” or “good.”
  • 86.7% of BMT/CMT alumni rated their relationships with instructors/professors as 6 or above on a scale from 1 to 7.
  • 94.1% of BMT/CMT alumni rated the quality of instruction in their major as “excellent” or “good.”



  •  The placement rate for 2012 BMT/CMT grads was 43/43 (100%). (Note: Excludes students continuing education or in other Performance Funding exclusion groups.)

Class Size

  • The average BMT/CMT class size in 2012-13 was 13 students.


  • Of the 809 Associate degrees awarded in 2011-12, 63 (7.8%) were in Business Management Technology or Contemporary Management.
  • Of 132 majors in the first-time freshmen cohort in Fall 2009, 28 (21.2%) had graduated by Spring 2012. Another 17 (12.9%) were still enrolled at the College. (Note: Includes first-time, full-time students only.)


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