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Choose the Healthcare Program That's Right for You
Choose the Healthcare Program That's Right for You

You will sacrifice a lot to pursue your healthcare education at Roane State. Our goal is to make sure that your hard work pays off for you.

How do we help?

We offer hands-on, in-depth advising from the day you walk through our doors to make sure that the healthcare career you are interested in is a good fit for your skills and talents. 

Picking the wrong program, one that does not fit your talents or one that does not lead to a job in your community, is a costly mistake. Let’s get  this right the first time.

Here’s how.

Ask yourself some key questions

When new students think of healthcare careers, they think of doctors and nurses. But there are many stable, good-paying healthcare careers you may not know much about. We want to help you find the one that’s perfect for you.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself.

  1. Why are you interested in healthcare? When asked this question, the most common answer new students give is “I want to help people.” That is a worthwhile goal, but dig deeper. What do you envision yourself doing? Working in a hospital or in an office? Applying bandages to wounds or helping someone recover from an injury?
  2. Are you comfortable with blood and illness? Seriously, consider this carefully. There are many healthcare careers where you will not see one drop of blood. If you have a spirit for helping people, but are not sure you want to deal with burns and broken bones, let’s talk. We have other options for you.
  3. Do you love math and science with a passion? Make no mistake, some healthcare programs require hours and hours of biology and chemistry courses. Are you eager to memorize every bone in the human body? Do you love the idea of being in a lab, conducting an experiment, and writing a long, detailed report about what you discovered?  It’s OK if biology and chemistry are not subjects you want to spend hours studying. We have other options that will lead to a career where you can use your talent for helping people.
  4. Do you want to go through a two-year degree program, a one-year program or do you want more short-term training? We offer each. Think about which option fits your needs.
  5. Are you interested in taking courses online? Online courses can save you time and travel costs, but they require you to work independently. You need to consult with an expert to help you know whether online education is right for you.

Day in the life of...

What is it like to be a phlebotomist or an occupational therapy assistant? Watch these short videos for a slice of daily life in these healthcare careers and others.

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