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RSCC Policy GA-19-01; Traffic and Parking Regulations

RSCC Policy GA-19-01; Traffic and Parking Regulations

Roane State Community College
Policy Number: GA-19-01
Subject: Traffic and Parking Regulations
  1. Student Parking

    1. Students do not receive parking decals but must park in designated student lots only on all RSCC campuses.
    2. Students will receive citations for all parking violations, including parking in any employee (faculty & staff) lots/spaces.
    3. The person to whom the vehicle is registered is responsible for the vehicle and all violations and citations issued thereto and will be fined and billed by the Business Office.
    4. Students pay a campus access fee at the time of registration; therefore, all Roane State campuses designate a lot for student parking. Students are only allowed to park in the student lots.
    5. Student Disability Parking – All campuses have allotted spaces for student disability parking in the student lots. However, if there are not enough spaces at any time, students with state issued disability tags may park in disability areas, if available, in employee parking lots.
    6. Students with disability parking requests must follow the state guidelines and apply for a Tennessee Disability Parking Pass at the local Driver’s License Bureau.
    7. The institution reserves the right to tow any vehicle that is improperly parked.
  2. Student Citations and Appeal Procedures

    1. The Roane State Police Department (RSPD) issues citations at all RSCC locations.
    2. Students wishing to appeal a parking a citation must do so within 72 hours of receipt of the parking citation; no appeals will be accepted after that time.
    3. Students may file a written appeal by completing an online Traffic Appeal form and submitting it to the designated Student Government Association/Campus Activities Board for review as directed at the bottom of the appeal form.

    4. The student must appeal on the campus on which the student has received the citation.
    5. If a student wishes to appeal the decision of the SGA/CAB, the student may appeal in writing to the Dean of Students or designee located on the Roane County campus within five (5) business days following the decision of the SGA/CAB. The decision will be final at this level of appeal.
    6. All fines, unless appealed and voided, must be paid at the Business Offices and cashiers at all campuses. A student will be unable to register for future classes if he/she has any unpaid fines.
  3. Employee Parking

    1. Employees are issued a permanent employee parking decal upon employment and may park in designated employee parking places in employee lots. There is no fee for the permit.
    2. Employee decals must be affixed to the rear driver-side window or to the front driver-side window if rear driver-side window does not permit proper viewing of decal.
    3. If a person is unable to drive his/her own vehicle on a particular day, the transferable decal must be removed and placed in the vehicle he/she will be driving. If the employee is unable or forgets to transfer the decal, please place an explanatory note on the dashboard and then alert the RSPD.
      Temporary Permits – Temporary employees (those on temporary contracts) must pick up a temporary hangtag located at the RSPD.

    4. The institution reserves the right to tow any vehicle that is improperly parked.
  4. Employee Citations and Appeal Procedures

    1. Employees wishing to appeal a parking citation must do so within 72 hours of receipt of the parking citation; no appeals will be accepted after that time.
    2. Employees may appeal by completing the Traffic Appeal form and submit it to the Director of Human Resources.

    3. All fines, unless appealed and voided, must be paid at the Business Office or cashier at all locations.
    4. Please contact the Roane State Police Department (Chief of Police) for any other concerns regarding parking issues/complaints.
  5. Visitor Parking

    1. Visitors are defined as persons not connected with the college, but who occasionally have business or other reasons to be on campus. All Roane State campuses provide designated visitor parking spaces.

    2. Regularly scheduled groups to campus should be provided a visitor pass from the department sponsoring that group on campus. Any questions about how to proceed should be addressed to the RSPD.
    3. Please check with the respective campus regarding options for visitor passes at your location.
    4. The institution reserves the right to tow any vehicle that is improperly parked.
  6. Signage at All Locations

    1. Student Lots – Students may only park in the areas designated “Student Lot” on all Roane State campuses.
    2. Employee Lots – Faculty andcStaff may only park in the areas designated as “Employee” or “Staff Lot” on all Roane State campuses.
    3. Visitor Lots – Visitors may only park in the areas designated as “Visitor Lot” on all Roane State campuses.
    4. Any overflow parking on any campus will be designated by proper signage and directed by the appropriate campus official.
    5. Absolutely no parking at loading zones, on sidewalks, on streets, on lawns, within 15 feet of fire hydrants, or any reserved parking area.
    6. Roane County Campus Only– Open parking will be allowed in some lots after 5:00 p.m. Please pay attention to signage as this applies to certain lots only.
  7. Driving Regulations

    1. The speed limit on all campuses is 15 mph
    2. All traffic signs must be obeyed
    3. Motorists must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians
    4. All accidents involving injury to persons or damages to autos, equipment, etc., must be reported to the RSPD on the campus on which the violation occurred.
  8. Violation Fees: Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors
    1. No decal displayed $20.00
      Illegal use of decal $20.00
      Improper display of decal $20.00
      Parked in unauthorized area $20.00
      Parked in driveway $20.00
      Double parked $20.00
      Improper motorcycle parking $20.00
      Wrong way on one-way street $20.00
      Parked in handicapped area

      The fine for disabled/handicapped parking violations is established
      by statute and will be adjusted to comply with the state law.

    2. Parking privileges for students for the remainder of the school year may be suspended or revoked depending upon the severity of the violation and/or repeat violations. This level of disciplinary action will be handled through the Dean of Students with appropriate due process for student appeals.

Revision History: 07/01/1990, 10/01/1995, 11/15/1999, 09/15/2003, 06/01/2007, 07/01/2007, 09/15/2014
TBR Policy Reference: 3:02:00:01
TBR Guideline Reference: B-060
Revision Date Effective: 09/15/2014
Revision Approval By: Christopher L. Whaley, President
Original Date Effective: 01/11/1988
Original Approval By: Cuyler A. Dunbar, President
Office Responsible: Vice President Student Affairs & Workforce Development
Reviewed: 06/05/2014
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