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Information Technology

Password Change Instructions

Password Change Instructions


Password changes occur every 120 days. If you have difficulty with the process, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.  The strong password rules (from Roane State policy GA-18-09) are shown below.

Please review the special characters restricted by Banner.  Although we have tried to prevent this from happening, it may be possible to change your network password and be locked out of Banner.  Additionally, Oracle (the database behind Banner) when checking password history is case insensitive.  This means that just changing case when updating your password will not work, you must change numbers or characters as well.

Faculty, I would strongly encourage you to change your password prior to leaving for the summer.  Changing your password automatically resets the 120 day expiration date.

Password Change Instructions

To Change Your Password do one of the following:

  • From you desktop press CTRL-ALT-DEL.  Click Change a password…. Enter your old password and then your new password (twice) in the fields provided.  Click the arrow or press Enter.
  • From Outlook Web Access
    • Click on the Settings icon
    • Select Change password
    • In the dialog box, you will be prompted to enter your Domain and Username.  The Domain is roane_state and username is your Roane State network login ID.  Example:


      Follow the instructions in the dialog box.  Click Save.
  • From RaiderNet
    • On the RaiderNet login page, click Change Password.  Fill out the form (below)… click OK.  You do not need to include the Domain in this form, only your username.
  • For tablet or phone users
    • If you use your phone, a tablet or other device to access your email, you will need to change the password used to access email on those devices as well.  (Note: This is not your device password, but the password used by the application to access Outlook Web Access or Exchange.)
  • If you have Internet Native Banner (INB) access
    • If you have INB access, after you change your password, log into INB through RaiderNet before you log into INB directly.  Logging in through RaiderNet ensures the password is propagated to all systems in Banner.

Excerpt from GA-18-09

I.Guidelines - General Password Construction

  A.Weak passwords have the following characteristics:
     1.Contains less than eight (8) characters
     2.Is a word found in a dictionary (English or foreign)
     3.Common use words such as names of family, pets, friends, co-workers, fantasy characters, computer terms, commands, sites,      companies, hardware, or software should not be used. Any of the above preceded or followed by a digit.

  B.Strong Passwords have the following characteristics:
     1.Contain a minimum of eight (8) characters consisting of three (3) of the following four (4) character categories. These will be enforced.
     2.English upper case characters (A-Z)
     3.English lower case characters (a-z)
     4.Base 10 digits (0-9)
     5.Non alphanumeric characters (~!#%*?_-) NOTE: Banner and Oracle have restrictions on the use of special characters. Do not use the following if you access those accounts: ` ‘ @ $ ^ & ( ) ; “ < >
     6.The following are recommended:
       a)Is not a word in any language, slang, dialect, or jargon, etc.
       b)Is not based on personal information.

II.Use of Passphrases (NOTE: These must still conform to the standards in paragraph B above.)  Passphrases are longer versions (23 character minimum) of passwords and are inherently more secure. A passphrase is typically composed of multiple words and provides more security against “dictionary” attacks.  An example is “This May Be One Way to Remember” and the passphrase could be “ThisMaybeOneWaytoRemember” or reduced to “TmB1w2R!” Another example: “IamtheCapitanofthePina4”. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) this passphrase of at least 23 characters contains a 45 bit strength.

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