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Instructions for Classroom Multimedia

Instructions for Classroom Multimedia

If you have questions about the equipment that are not covered here, contact the Help Desk.


Turn on projector with the remote control and press the green button. Using the control box located on the top of the desk (either grey or black) and press the source button until to PC LED light indicates that you have selected the PC. The image on the monitor should be on the screen via the projector.

Projector (MMP)

All control of images sent to the MMP is controlled by the switch box located on the desktop. Make sure that the source on the projector itself is on Computer input. The switchbox send images to the projector on the computer input and other sources on the projector will not show any images.


The ELMO machine is really simple. You have on/off button. The light controls are for the arm lights and backlight. The backlight is used for transparences, while the arm lights are used for regular paper or books. You may choose to use wither black and white or color images. Zoom is used to zoom in to an object. Use Tele to zoom in and Wide to zoom out. Then there is the focus you can focus manually and you can press the button that will allow the ELMO to Auto focus.

To project the image from the ELMO

Turn on the ELMO and the projector and using the switchbox, press the source button until you view the image that is displayed on the Elmo on the screen.


Remote control is a long dark grey remote that says on the bottom Video DVD Combo. Select the input you are using, either DVD or Video (VHS), and press the appropriate button. If there is no remote control, use the controls on the combo itself. Locate the select area, and select either video or DVD, depending which you are using.

To project the image from the DVD/VHS Combo

Use the switchbox, pressing the source button until you view either a plain blue screen (when using the video side) or the DVD screen (when using a DVD).

Audio Equipment: Some stations have just regular desktop speakers. If there isn’t any audio, look to see if the speakers is turned on or the volume is loud enough. Some classrooms have surround-sound systems. If there isn’t any audio from the speaker system, and the speakers are on/the volume is adjusted, please contact the Help Desk at extension 4357 from the classroom telephone.



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