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RSCC Catalog
RSCC Catalog
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  Nursing (LPN Career Mobility)

LPN Career Mobility may not be offered every year. Availability of this option is dependent upon the number of qualified applicants.

This program is designed to facilitate the achievement of a registered nurse level education by LPNs who qualify for admission. LPNs who wish to qualify for this program are required to pass the proficiency examination. The examination will cover fundamentals of nursing.

Examination scores are valid for three (3) years. Candidates who do not enter the program after three (3) years will be required to repeat the examination process.

Candidates are required to present an active Tennessee Practical Nurse license to be admitted to the examination. Candidates should arrive 30 minutes before test-time. ID must be verified before admission to the examination is permitted.

Admission to the Career Mobility program is not automatic. Academic qualifications as well as test scores will be considered in the selection process. Admission is also contingent on available space in the program.  Other admission, progression, readmission, and retention policies are the same as those for the regular nursing program.

 A grade of “C” or better is required in BIOL 2010 and in MATH 1530 or MATH 1130 or higher content level MATH and prior to beginning nursing classes.


These classes may be taken prior to being accepted into the program.
General Education    
BIOL 2230 Microbiology 4
BIOL 2010, 2020 Anatomy and Physiology I, II1 8
ENGL 1010 Composition I 3
MATH 1530 or 1130 Statistics, College Algebra or higher level MATH2 3
PSYC 2130 Lifespan Psychology (formerly Developmental Psychology) 3
SPCH   Speech Elective 3
    Humanities Elective 3

1Strongly recommend completion of BIOL 2020 prior to taking nursing courses.
2MATH 1530 is recommended for students planning to complete a BSN.


Challenge by Proficiency Examination (NSG 115) 10
The Proficiency Credit fee will be assessed in spring of the second year.  
NSG 107 or 108 Care of the Childbearing Family 3
NSG 109 or 110 Adult and Child Health I 6
NSG 126 Pharmacology in Nursing 3
NSG 210 or 211 Adult and Child Health II 10
NSG 212 or 213 Psychosocial Nursing 4
NSG 215 or 217 Transitions to Nursing Practice 3

Academic Advisement:  Student pursuing this option will be advised by the Nursing Division.  A mandatory orientation to the Nursing Program will be scheduled prior to the first day of nursing classes.

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