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In order to obtain a degree or certificate, students must complete the general requirements as prescribed by Roane State and specific requirements set forth for the program.

Requirements include:

  1. Minimum GPA. An overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 is required for the degree and/or certificate. Only college-level courses taken at Roane State are computed into the GPA for graduation.
  2. Minimum Credit Hours. Each candidate must complete at least 60 semester hours to be eligible for the associate’s degree. All requirements specified in the catalog must be completed.
  3. Catalog Option. The student must meet the requirements of (a) the current catalog or (b) the catalog in effect at the time the student entered a program.  Entering a program is defined as being admitted, readmitted, or changing the major.
  4. Minimum Hours in Residence. Students must complete at least 25 percent of the credit hours required for their degree program through Roane State Community College. Thirty percent of the semester hours in a certificate program must be taken at Roane State. Individual programs may have additional requirements for accreditation, certification or licensure that will need to be satisfied.  Check the catalog listing for any additional residency requirements.  Experiential and Proficiency credit does not apply to this residency requirement.
  5. Additional Degrees:  Requirements for more than one degree may be met.  If you are interested in a second degree, please schedule an appointment with The Advising Resource Center (ARC). ARC will provide guidance regarding the number of courses required to fulfill the additional requirements for a second degree. Additional degrees cannot be awarded under the same Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) code as the first degree. 
  6. Additional options within a degree program. A student may complete requirements for more than one option within an A.A.S. degree program by successfully completing all course requirements. Only one diploma will be issued for the degree.
  7. Obligations to the College. All candidates must fulfill all financial obligations to the college including parking tickets, the return of library books, audio-visual tapes, college at home materials, etc.
  8. Exit Testing. All students seeking a degree from Roane State will be required to take the Academic Profile exam prior to being granted their degree. Information regarding test administration dates will be sent to the student once his/her Application for Graduation has been processed. Certificate students are exempt from the Academic Profile. A student may, as a condition of their graduation, be required to take additional tests designed to measure achievement in general education and in their major. The purpose of such testing is for evaluating institutional effectiveness or the academic program. Participation in testing may be required of all students, of students in certain programs, or of students selected on a sample basis. In order to comply fully with this provision, the student must authorize the release of his/her scores to the institution. Unless otherwise indicated, no minimum score or level of achievement is required for graduation and individual student scores will be treated as confidential.
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