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Students who follow this academic plan will receive an Associate of Science in Teaching- Early Childhood Education.

The A.S.T. curriculum in Early Childhood Education is designed for students who wish to complete the first two years of a program toward teacher certification in PreK-3 and then transfer to a 4-year college/university for the completion of their Bachelor's degree. Due to varying requirements of four-year institutions, students are encouraged to select courses in consultation with an education advisor.

Additional Degree Requirements:

  1. Attainment of a 2.75 culmulative grade point average
  2. Successful completion of Praxis Core Test or ACT score of 22 or higher (See note below)
  3. Satisfactory rating on an index of suitability for the teaching profession.
ENGL 1010 Composition I 3
ENGL 1020 Composition II 3
SPCH 1010 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
MUS 1030 Music Appreciation OR 3
ARTH 1030 Art Appreciation  
GEOG 2010 World Regional Geography 3
MATH 1410 Number Concepts/Algebra Structures 3
ENGL   Literature 3
Humanities and/or Fine Arts 3
Social/Behavioral Sciences  (1 course) 3
History  (2 courses) 6
Natural Sciences  (2 courses) 8
Mathematics  (1 course) - Check with Transfer institution 3-4
  Note:  For transfer to APSU, ETSU, UM, UTC and UTK, MATH 1530 is required  
Area of Emphasis Requirements  
EDU 101 Introduction to Education 2
ECED 1310 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3
ECED 2320 Infant, Toddler, Child Development 3
ECED 2340 Family Dynamics and Community Involvement 3
EDU 111 Introduction to Educating Exceptional Children  OR 3
ECED 2360 Development of Exceptional Children1 3
PSYC 2130 Lifespan Psychology OR 3
EDU 211 Educational Psychology  

1University of Memphis does not have Development of Exceptional Children in its PreK-3 Curriculum.  Students transferring to UM will have to take one other course after transfer.

Praxis Core Test Information

NOTE:  The Praxis Core Waiver will be discontinued as of August 1, 2016.  No waivers will be granted after this time.

  1. If a student fails to receive the minimum score of 150 Math, 156 Reading, and 162 Writing on the first testing, 10 hours of tutoring per subject area not passed is required through approved tutorial support services for remediation purposes.  Students will be required to re-test and show improvement through documentation, which will be stated in a form from the person providing tutorial services.  For 2+2 students, the first Praxis Core Test attempt should be no later than January of the year they plan to enter the TTU portion of the program.  All sections of the Praxis Core Test must be passed prior to an AST being granted.
  2. If a student fails to make required score(s) on the second attempt, the following guidelines apply for the students to be eligible to appeal testing requirements:
    1. Two of the three sections of the Praxis Core Test have been successfully completed.  The third section of the Praxis Core Test for a person within the following range(s) to be eligible for a waiver:
      - 2.99-2.75 cumulative QPA within one point of passing
      - 3.40-3.00 cumulative QPA within two points of passing
      - 4.00-3.50 cumulative QPA within three points of passing
    2. A formal written request for the waiver must be submitted by the student.  In addition, documentation and evidence outlining the student's progress attained during the tutoring sessions must be provided by the person or unit providing the required tutorial support.  The required form(s) may be obtained from the Education Department faculty.
    3. A decision will be made by the Education Department based on all information provided by the student.
    4. If extenuating circumstances exist, an appeal of the department's decision and meet with the Praxis Core Test Sub-Committee.
    5. The decision of the Sub-Committee is final.

Students transferring to a UT or TBR university may need to meet additional requirements to gain admittance to the university's early childhood program.  Transferring students should check with the university for specific program requirements.

This is a Tennessee Transfer Pathway:

For further information: Social Science, Business and Education Division, 865-354-3000, x4582

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