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The following guidelines are used to determine “in-state” or “out-of-state” status for fees and tuition.

  1. Every person having his or her residence in this state shall be classified as “in-state” for fee, tuition and admission purposes.
  2. Every person not having his or her residence in this state shall be classified “out-of-state” for fee, tuition and admission purposes.
  3. The residence of a dependent* is that of his or her parent. “Parent” shall mean a person’s father or mother. If there is a non-parental guardian or legal custodian of dependent, then “parent” shall mean such guardian or legal custodian provided there are not circumstances indicating that such guardianship or custodianship was created primarily for the purpose of conferring the status of an “in-state” student on the dependent.
  4. The residence of a married person can be determined based on the residence of the spouse.
  5. A recent graduate of any “out-of-state” high school must supply evidence of Tennessee residency before receiving “in-state” tuition status. Copies of property deeds or property tax payment statements are acceptable evidence.
  6. Dependent students of divorced parents shall be classified “in-state” when one parent’s residence, regardless of custodial status, is in Tennessee.
  7. International students shall be classified “out-of-state” for tuition and admission purposes.
  8. Students classified by Immigration as a Permanent Resident, Resident Alien, or Refugee may be classified as “in-state” if their residence is in Tennessee.
  9. Persons not living in Tennessee but employed full-time in Tennessee shall be classified “in-state” for tuition purposes as long as they maintain a part-time registration status. The student must provide appropriate documentation.

An application for In-State classification may be obtained from the Admissions and Records Office or at any Roane State location. All questions should be directed to the Admissions and Records.

Proof of U.S. Citizenship or lawful presence in the United States will be required from any student who receives In-State tuition.

* Dependent shall mean a person whose parents have not entirely surrendered the right to the care, custody and earnings of such person and who are still under obligation to support or maintain the dependent person. A person the age of 18 or older is considered to be independent by the state. If a person 18 or older is to be considered dependent, the parent must provide a copy of a federal income tax return claiming the dependent.

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