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Vision Care Technology (VECT)

The Vision Care Technology program is a two-year associate of applied science degree career preparation program. Graduates of this program will be eligible to sit for the Tennessee State Board Licensing Examination in Ophthalmic Dispensing and the national board certification examinations. The total educational program will include general studies, technical, and field work components.

Opticians are licensed professionals who design and fit glasses, contact lenses and other specialized optical devices, based on the doctor’s prescription and the patient’s visual needs. Fashion is also a factor in designing eyewear.

The Vision Care Technology program is nationally accredited by the Commission on Opticianry Accreditation.

Admission Policies for Allied Health Sciences A.A.S. Degrees

Admission to the program is required prior to enrolling in any VECT course. Courses must be taken in sequence. All professional VECT courses are taught at the main campus in Harriman.

1st Fall   Hours Term TakenGrade
ENGL 1010 Composition I 3   
VECT 1410 Introduction to Vision Care 4   
VECT 1430 Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye 4   
MATH 1010 Math for General Studies (Recommended) OR
Mathematics Elective
    TERM TOTAL 14   
Action Items       
  Oct Meet with Success Coach or Advisor
Complete FAFSA for upcoming fall term
  Nov Register for next term     
1st Spring   Hours   
VECT 1420 Ophthalmic Dispensing I 4   
VECT 1440 Ophthalmic Materials I 4   
VECT 1330 Geometric Optics for Opticians 3   
VECT 1450 Contact Lenses I 4   
    TERM TOTAL 15   
Action Items       
  Mar Meet with Success Coach or Advisor     
  April Register for next term     
1st Summer   Hours   
COMM 2025 Fundamentals of Communication 3   
ART 1035 Introduction to Art (Recommended) OR
Humanities Elective
VECT 2140 Practicum 1   
    TERM TOTAL 7   
2nd Fall   Hours   
VECT 2410 Ophthalmic Dispensing II 4   
VECT 2420 Ophthalmic Materials II 4   
VECT 2430 Contact Lenses II 4   
ALHS 2311 Management and Leadership for Allied Health Supervisors (Recommended) OR
Business Elective1
    TERM TOTAL 15   
Action Items       
  Sept Complete Application for Graduation     
  Oct Meet with Faculty Advisor      
  Nov Register for next term     
2nd Spring   Hours   
VECT 2460 Ophthalmic Dispensing III 4   
VECT 2470 Ophthalmic Materials III 4   
VECT 2480 Contact Lenses III 4   
PSYC 1030 Introduction to Psychology (Recommended) OR
Social/Behavioral Science Elective
    TERM TOTAL 15   
Action Items       
  Feb Take Exit Exam (ETS Proficiency Profile)      
  Mar Begin job search using RaiderRecruit      
    TOTAL HOURS 66   

1Business elective may be chosen from the following: ACCT 1010, ALHS 2311, BUSN 1305, 1330 or 1380.

Program Application Deadline: May 15

This program is designed for students who plan to enter the workforce upon graduation.  Students intending to transfer to a baccalaureate program are advised that they should check with their faculty advisor and the four-year institution regarding specific transfer of courses.