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Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Technical Certificate is designed to prepare professionals in the field of early childhood education. Students in this program will gain knowledge in areas such as child development, family and community involvement, and curriculum development. Graduates will be prepared to work in various early childhood settings and conduct themselves as members of the early childhood profession

1st Fall   Hours Term TakenGrade
ECED 1310 Intro to Early Childhood Education  3   
ECED 2340 Family Dynamics and Community Involvement  3   
ECED 2310 Safe, Healthy Learning Environments  3   
ECED 2315 Early Childhood Curriculum  3   
    TERM TOTAL 12   
Action Items       
  Oct Meet with Success Coach or Advisor     
  Nov Apply for CDA license** (see note below)
Register for next term
1st Spring   Hours   
ECED 2380 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood 3   
ECED 2385 Math and Science in Early Childhood 3   
ECED 2335 Initial Practicum 3   
ECED   Elective1 3   
    TERM TOTAL 12   
Action Items       
  Jan Complete Application for Graduation     
  Mar Begin job search using RaiderRecruit     
1List of Course Electives (choose one course):   
ECED 2390 Creative Development (Sp, Alternating Years)  3   
ECED 2312 Administration of Child Care Centers (Sp, Alternating Years)  3   
ECED 2360 Development of Exceptional Children (F, Alternating Years)  3   
ECED 2300 The Mentoring Teacher (F, Alternating Years)  3   
ECED 2320 Infant, Toddler Child Development (Sp, Alternating Years)  3   
ECED 2370 Developmental Assessment (Sp, Alternating Years)  3   
ECED 2375 Socio-Emotional Development  3   

F: Class is typically offered during the Fall Semester
Sp: Class is typically offered during the Spring Semester

**CDA License:  The CDA (Child Development Associate) license is not a Roane State credential.  Talk to the ECED program Director for additional information regarding licensure and visit: 

Students pursuing this certificate will be advised by the Social Science, Business and Education Division.