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Effective Spring Semester 2019:  This program has been terminated through the Tennessee Board of Regents and is no longer available as a program of study. 

The Welding Certificate is a one-semester program consisting of four courses. It is intended for students who already have the skills and knowledge to weld carbon and stainless steel, using Arc, MIG and TIG processes. Program is designed to deepen the skills and knowledge of welders, by providing training in aluminum welding, by teaching how to program robotic welding machines, and by giving a theoretical background in metallurgy and material testing.

1st Term     Term TakenGrade
WELD 1410 Metallurgy for Welders 4   
MECH 2700 Robotic Welding 4   
WELD 2010 Aluminum Welding 4   
NDTE 1010 Introduction to Non-destructive Testing 4   
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  Sept Complete Application for Graduation     

Students pursuing this area of study will be advised by the Mathematics and Sciences Division, 865-354-3000 x 4533.