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CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I:

CHEM 1110 Introduction
Test 1 (review of CHEM 1000) Test 2
Test 3
Test 4
What is Science   pdf Weak vs Strong Acids and Bases pdf Quantum Numbers pdf
Interparticle Forces pdf
Scientific Method   pdf Strong versus weak electrolytes pdf Aufbau Principle pdf
Dipole Moments pdf
Physical Quantities   pdf Overall vs. Net Ionic Reactions pdf Electron configuration pdf
Types of solids pdf
Major phases of matter   pdf Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases pdf Absorption of light
Phase Diagrams pdf
Components, etc.   pdf Molarity pdf Operation of LASERs
Clausius-Clapeyron Eq. pdf
Types of Compounds   pdf Solving Dilution Problems pdf
Periodic Trends pdf
heat capacities - see 0th law
Significant Figures (digits)   pdf Solving Titration Problems pdf Ionic versus covalent pdf heat phase transitions pdf
Scientific Notation   pdf Kinetic theory of gasses pdf
Lewis Dot - rule of 8(2) pdf
SI unit conversions   pdf Ideal gas law pdf Lewis Dot - e deficient pdf
van't Hoff plot of Pvapor pdf
Unit Factor Conversions   pdf Use of STP pdf Lewis Dot - too many es pdf Henry's law pdf
Subatomic Particles, etc.   pdf
Dalton's law pdf Lewis Dot - too few es pdf Raoult's law pdf
Avogadro's Number   pdf Graham's law pdf Lewis Dot - still too few es pdf Boiling Point elevation and
Freezing point depression
Moles, Mass, Numbers   pdf Stiochiometry and the gas law pdf Lewis Dot structures - resonance pdf
Compound Stoichiometry   pdf Dumas Method pdf Hybridization - formation pdf
Osmotic Pressure pdf
Reaction Stoichiometry   pdf van der Waals equation pdf
Hybridization - geometry pdf van't Hoff factor pdf
Limiting Reactant Problem   pdf Oxidation Numbers* pdf
Hindered Rotation pdf Applying van't Hoff factor pdf
Percent Yield   pdf Naming of Compounds** pdf
Predicting Reactions pdf
Arrhenius Acids and Bases   pdf
Reactions - Some Exceptions pdf
Arrhenius Acid-Base Reactions   pdf
*For information see the Lab Manual
**by the IUPAC convention - For information see the Lab Manual.

CHEM 1120 - General Chemisrty II:

CHEM 1120 Introduction

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Equilibrium Thermodynamics See also the handout on thermodynamics
Weak Versus Strong Acid and Bases*   pdf
Definitions for Thermodynamics   pdf   handout html
The basics - rates and orders   pdf
Equilibrium: Writing Q pdf
0th Law of Thermodynamics
(includes heat capacity)
  pdf   handout html
Initial rate calculations   pdf
Equilibrium: Using K = Q pdf
Temperature   pdf   specific heat Integrated rate method   pdf
Le Châtelier's principle pdf
1st Law of Thermodynamics   pdf   handout html 1st order half life   pdf
Definition of pH pdf
Enthalpy - definition and calculations   pdf The Arrhenius Equation + ΔH   pdf
pH of a Strong Acid pdf
Enthalpy of a Reaction using Bond Energies   pdf Parametric use of the Arrhenius Equation   pdf
pH of a Strong Base pdf
Calculating the Enthalpy of Solution   pdf the Arrhenius plot   pdf
Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases* pdf
Calculations involving both Cp and enthalpies   pdf Reaction mechanisms   pdf
Calculating the pH of a Weak Acid pdf
2nd Law of Thermodynamics   pdf     handout html
Amphoteric Acids and Bases pdf
3rd Law and entropy calculations   pdf   handout html
Autoionization pdf
The Statistical Meaning of Entropy   pdf Covered in Lab
pH of a Weak Soluble Base pdf
Calculating Gibbs' Energy from tables   pdf Normality and Equivalency   pdf
Solubility of Insoluble Salts (Ksp) pdf
Thermodynamics related to Equilibrium   pdf
Calculating molar solubility pdf
The van't Hoff plot   pdf
pH of a Slightly Soluble Base   pdf
Balance of Redox
Buffers of Weak Acids pdf
Balancing Redox Reactions   pdf
Buffers of Weak Bases pdf
1:1 buffers pdf
Cell diagrams   pdf
Buffers of Polyprotic Acids pdf
Faraday's Law   pdf
Buffers of Polyprotic Bases   pdf
Cell Potential relationship to Thermodynamics   pdf
Salt Hydrolysis pdf
Standard Cell Potentials   pdf
INDEX pH after an Arhenius acid-base reaction Utilizing the Nernst Equation   pdf
pH indicators for titrations pdf
Electrochemical Cell with concentration potential   pdf
Combining Equilibrium Constants pdf
Calculations involving Complex Ions pdf
Optional Topics
Nuclear Chemistry Organic Chemistry
subatomic particles bonding and geometry
balancing nuclear reactions hydrocarbons
predicting type of decay according to the band of stability functional groups
Decay of heavy elements Organic reactions
Decay half-life types of isomers
Some applications structural isomers
  cis-trans isomers
  optical isomers
  Biochemistry applications

* review items.

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