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» What Is iTunesU

iTunes U is a free, hosted service for colleges and universities that provides easy access to general information about the college, educational content, including lectures and interviews, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can download content to your Mac or PC, listen to and view that content via the iTunes browser, or transfer it to an iPod for listening or viewing on the go. Instructors can create content for a course by recording lectures, developing assignments, creating videos and podcasts. Some classes are public, meaning anyone can view the content, and other are private, meaning you can only view content if you are enrolled in the course through RSCC.

Note: you must have iTunes installed on your computer to access iTunes U (Download)

ENTER Roane State on iTunes U one of two ways:

As a Guest: Just use the “Open iTunes U (Public Access)” button from the Roane State iTunes Home page.

As a Student or Faculty member: Just use the “Open My iTunes U” button, and then use your Roane State username and password to access public courses as well as classes you are currently enrolled in.