About Education Full Text

Education Full Text brings you comprehensive coverage of an international range of English-language periodicals, monographs and yearbooks. Full text of articles, with indexing cover to cover, from hundreds of journals, make this a one-stop source for research. Coverage includes about 79 journals (37 with full text) not covered by ERIC’s CIJE.

Included are up-to-date subject headings keeping pace with today’s changing issues and terminology.   Graphical content also adds a key dimension to research—PDF page images accompany full text articles, offering both words and images.

Subjects Covered:

Adult Education, Arts, Athletics, Comparative Education, Competency-based Education, Computers in Education, Continuing Education, Educational Technology, Elementary Education, Government Funding, Higher Education, Instructional Media, Language Arts, Library Science, Literacy Standards, Multicultural/Ethnic Education, Parent-Teacher Relations, Prayer in Public Schools, Preschool Education, Religious Education, School Administration, Science and Mathematics, Secondary Education, Special Education, Student Counseling, Teacher Education, Teacher Evaluation, Teaching Methods, Vocational Education.