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Roane State students and employees at sites without libraries can use this form to request a library card.

Students and employees at Roane, Oak Ridge and Scott must visit their site library to receive a library card.

Area resident patrons must visit Roane, Oak Ridge, Scott to get their library card. Area resident patrons must present valid ID with current name and address.

Library cards requested by this form are issued from the Roane campus library. Please direct any questions about your card or eligibility to

You must complete all required fields including your Banner number. Request forms with incomplete information cannot be processed and may delay your receipt of requested materials.

Library cards are sent by courier to the front desk of the site selected on the form. You must show ID in order to pick up your card.

Library card numbers are required to request off-site delivery of books, audio-visual and other library items.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Except for statistical data, all personal information contained on this application is considered confidential and will not be disclosed, shared, sold or otherwise distributed unless by individual court order.

Please provide the following contact information:

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Borrower's responsibility agreement

You must agree to the following in order to get your library card:

This is to certify that I hereby apply for the right to use the Roane State Community College Library. I agree to present this card each time I check out items and comply with all Library rules and regulations. I agree to pay all fines and to make good any damage or loss of materials incurred by use of my card and to give notice within ten days of loss of card or change of address.

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