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How do I login to the wireless network?

Wireless service is now available throughout all buildings and some outdoor locations on all Roane State campuses. All forms of wireless devices capable of accessing the network are acceptable… including, but not limited to, smartphones, android and other tablets, iPads, and laptops.

There are three levels of access available: RSCC-Guest, RSCC-User and RSCC-Owned. When you log on you will be required to respond to a page indicating you will comply with Roane State’s policies. The levels of access and privileges are outlined below (this information is also on RaiderNet):

RSCC-Guest (anyone on campus with a wireless device, limited bandwidth, no encryption, firewalled) Password: None required; you must accept the policy to continue.


RSCC-Users (for those with Roane State accounts but not using RSCC-owned devices, firewalled like RSCC-Guest, better bandwidth than RSCC-Guest but not unlimited) Password: *see library staff or contact the Help Desk

RSCC-Owned (for those with Roane State accounts and an RSCC-owned device; no bandwidth or firewall restrictions) Password: You must contact the help desk prior to logging on the first time to ensure your device is in the database. NOTE: To use this privilege, the device must be in the database. You will not be able to log if it is not.

When you connect to your web browser, the Roane State wireless login webpage should come up automatically. You must click "accept" to connect to the wireless network.


If you need assistance please contact the Help Desk. Phone: (865) 354-3000 ext. 4357 (HELP). On campus call 4357 (HELP) Email: