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Paragraphs must be strong!

Effective paragraphs should:

Paragraph Revision Checklist

Check each paragraph’s effectiveness by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Does the information in this paragraph support my Thesis Statement?
  2. How do the ideas in this paragraph differ from the ideas being discussed in other paragraphs?  Group similar information together!
  3. Does the first sentence of this paragraph make it clear what will be discussed? (See Using Topic Sentences)
  4. For the introduction paragraph:  Does my introduction simply describe the layout of the paper, or does it give the reader a clear and intriguing introduction to the ideas that the essay will discuss?   
  5. For body paragraphs:  How can I clarify the connection between the ideas in this paragraph and the ideas in the previous paragraph?  (See Cohesion for help)
  6. For body paragraphs: Have I fully developed and/or explained this point? 
  7. For the conclusion paragraph:  Is my conclusion too short?  What other information could be added that might really reinforce the main points that I’ve discussed in this essay? 
  8. For the conclusion paragraph:  Does my conclusion simply re-state my thesis in different words?  Could I leave the reader with a powerful statement or quote that might make a more lasting impression on him or her?