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Graduates by Major/Concentration

Graduates by Major/Concentration

Report for: 2016 Spring

AA240101TPAA: Transfer Program (A.A.)CADS: Computer Art & Design011
AA240101TPAA: Transfer Program (A.A.)GENL: General51318
AA240101UTPA: Tennessee Transfer Path (AA)UARS: Art (Studio)022
AA240101UTPA: Tennessee Transfer Path (AA)UENG: English011
AA240101UTPA: Tennessee Transfer Path (AA)UMC: Mass Communications101
AA240101UTPA: Tennessee Transfer Path (AA)UPS: Political Science101
AAS510602ADHT: Dental Hygiene11011
AAS510707AHIT: Health Information Tech2911
AAS519999ALHS: Allied Health Science437
AAS511801AOPT: Opticianry41519
AAS510803AOTA: Occupational Therapy Assistant52025
AAS510907ARDT: Radiologic Technology22628
AAS510908ARTT: Respiratory Therapy Technology358
AAS510909ASRG: Surgical Technology145
AAS520201BMT: Business Management TechnologyACCT: Accounting101
AAS520201BMT: Business Management TechnologyBUSM: Business Management101
AAS520201BUSN: Business9999: (No Concentration)033
AAS520201BUSN: BusinessACCT: Accounting022
AAS520201BUSN: BusinessBUSA: Business Administration134
AAS520201BUSN: BusinessBUSM: Business Management123
AAS520201BUSN: BusinessCSBO: Computer Science101
AAS520299CMGT: Contemporary Management257
AAS430104CRJR: Criminal Justice (TN eCampus)LENF: Law Enforcement011
AAS430104CRJT: Criminal Justice303
AAS190706ECED: Early Childhood Education055
AAS512202ENVH: Environmental Health Tech617
AAS520803FINC: Financial Services022
AAS450702GIST: Geographic Information Technol202
AAS300000GTEC: General Technology5712
AAS220302LEGL: Paralegal Studies011
AAS513801NURT: Nursing67682
AAS510000RHIT: Health Inform Tech TN eCampus099
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)AGRI: Agriculture011
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)BIOL: Biology011
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)CADS: Computer Art & Design213
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)ESEC: Education - Secondary347
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)ESPE: Education - Special123
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)FORS: Forestry101
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)GENL: General75151226
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)PERG: Pre-Engineering617
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)PHYS: Physical Science022
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)PLAW: Pre-Law112
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)PNRS: Pre-Nursing01010
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)SOCL: Sociology011
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)SOCW: Social Work112
AS240101TPAS: Transfer Program (A.S.)WFSL: Wildlife Fisheries404
AS240101UTPS: Tennessee Transfer Path (AS)UAC: Accounting123
AS240101UTPS: Tennessee Transfer Path (AS)UBA: Business Administration213
AS240101UTPS: Tennessee Transfer Path (AS)UBIO: Biology202
AS240101UTPS: Tennessee Transfer Path (AS)UCH: Chemistry011
AS240101UTPS: Tennessee Transfer Path (AS)UCJ: Criminal Justice437
AS240101UTPS: Tennessee Transfer Path (AS)UEX: Exercise Science123
AS240101UTPS: Tennessee Transfer Path (AS)UHST: History101
AS240101UTPS: Tennessee Transfer Path (AS)UMC: Mass Communications213
AS240101UTPS: Tennessee Transfer Path (AS)UME: Mechanical Engineering101
AS240101UTPS: Tennessee Transfer Path (AS)UPSY: Psychology077
AS240101UTPS: Tennessee Transfer Path (AS)USOC: Sociology022
AS240101UTPS: Tennessee Transfer Path (AS)UTHA: Theatre Arts011
AST130101TPAT: Trans Prog (AST) Teaching K-521517
AST240101UTPT: Tennessee Transfer Path (AST)UPK3: Early Childhood Edu. (Pre K-3)011
CER510904AEMS: Adv Emergency Med Technician303
CER510904AEMT: Emergency Medical Technician202
CER110101COMC: Computer Science202
CER510999DPRA: Diagnosis & Procedural Coding11011
CER150403MECA: Mechatronics516
CER510805PHRM: Pharmacy Technician066
CER511099POLA: Polysomnography011

This report is based on Banner data as of 10/8/2018 and may differ from official figures derived from the Report of Graduates file that is sent to TBR.

Some students earn multiple awards and are tallied here as such.

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